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  1. So after taking apart the side mount to get to the official fill plug I see the gearbox had only lost a small amount of fluid, the level was still at the axle line meaning there wasn't a constant leak. Topped it up to be sure. Killed what looks like some kind of metal beast (p2 exhaust tunnel heat shielding) to make a new cover for the Japanifold Flawless! Needed the extra later on there as when I was using the torch to clean off some foam padding I melted through this layer. Looks kind of like it should be here? Additionally
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  2. You could trim the exhaust housing on the turbo to match it. The spacer does it, but you could do it on the housing itself. I never did it with mine though. Your back pressure is going to be more about the A/R of the exhaust housing on the turbo than the exhaust manifold port.
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