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  1. Tuned out some suspension issues the past 2 weekends. Had issues with the larger 960 axles grinding on full suspension compression. Car has 2" of rear travel. at 1.5" it hits the bump stops and at 2" the cv grinding occurs. The bump stop has to compresss quite a bit to to got from 1.5-2". Pretty happy with how it is right now but I think there is room to go stiffer in the rear. I used 240 FPS slo motion to see the suspension and drivetrain working.
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  2. Some minor updates/incremental progress from the fall. Several years ago, I scored an OG metal mesh IPD grille from Adam @adamdrives and ran it on my 99 R for a short while before getting rid of that car. So after a few years in storage, I had a friend powder coat the grille for me. For those who remember, the original IPD grilles were either all silver or all black. I went with black mesh and a silver band as an OEM style play off the stock XC grille or the modified stock waterfall grille I had on the car. Since the IPD grille has a much thinner perimeter than the
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