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  1. The ultimate goal is as best as possible straight line performance. Whether that is 1/4 mile from a dig, 1/2 mile from a dig or 1/3 mile from a 65mph roll. With AWD or locked 4WD Drive (in my case) my thinking is to still put my front wheels to good use traction wise. I have a very heavy engine and transmission up there so I can take advantage of that normal force if I limit rear weight transfer. In the slo motion videos I was getting about 2" of squat on fairly slippery surfaces. When that rear hooks up more it will compress more. The excessive squat can also cause rear sub frame clearance issues. The locked 4WD is very aggressive it feels like a full blown 600hp RWD launch with the fronts pulling you straight. Since it is going to be setup for drag racing & occasional street use is my reasoning for not budgeting as much on a new front setup. I just need something with better dampening in the front than the TAs. With the locked 4WD I wont be autocross or circuit racing the car.
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