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  1. Forgot to update on the X1/9: Drive to Carlisle - only me & one Volvo this year - Fiat got moved away from adjacent to the Volvo section this year The other red X1/9 is what mine looked like originally I did get this Did the exhaust note trials - just for fun - noticed I'm getting some oil smoke Finally got the car Dyno-tuned on Thursday. 195WHP, 165WTQ https://youtu.be/YRUDMYGVwCY https://youtu.be/gkhGNtn2R6c
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  2. I didn't know it was a thing either until a local told me about it. Then found out you can Crack the CEM using it, which will definitely be happening next month. Not sure how many times I can tell you thanks but I definitely appreciate it. It will definitely be getting a good bit of use, especially with all those non CEL throwing codes that came up.
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