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  1. You're probably one of the few to actually use the blog post's, keep it up though!
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  2. ​You are only about 7 years late on the reply.
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  3. Anything with the 108mm bolt pattern in the volvo oem's are compatible from what I can gather!
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  4. its tricky but can be done. disconnect the lines on the engine side of the firewall.drain all the coolant...remove the lower trims on both sides of centre console and peel carpet back...some torx screws await you so get them out carefully...its a tight fit but the core can be pulled out the passenger side...have lots of rags or towels ready tho for the exra coolant that comes out of the lines....
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  6. Then get one. You're tired of FWD. I had a tricycle and it was at that early formulative years that I realized this truth: Front wheel drive sucks.
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