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    done. mod the shifter base to clear the housing, didn't want to engage 5th so well Installed the 50º cam gear. Took hours, as I really, really did not want to risk dropping the chain off the crank gear. TDC Remove tensioner cover, then rotate CCW, lock tensioner, rotate back to TDC marker Removed all the cam caps chain tie-wrapped on either side to prevent it dropping Also secured in the middle as per various videos, however this makes no sense, as with it tensioned from above, you can't get the chain off the gear Ditched the brace & center strap. Very fiddly getting the chain off the gear, then getting the cam and gear out of the head. No pics. Transferred PND gear, torqued to 83ft/lb, reinstalled into head. Made sure dots in gears aligned with marker lines I made on chain. Rotated a couple revolutions and checked all markers again Had to redo the OP sender channel - I had made it for 1/8" NPT port, but the correct sender I have is actually M14x1.5, so I redrilled & tapped it & installed the correct sender All back together Finally got the bushing (turned down to match stock OD, bored to 9/16 (.002" over) and new 9/16" stainless steel shaft from the machine shaft, $180 later.... hopefully get it in the car during the coming week, along with the heater core (maybe, don't really need that yet ) Welded the shaft to the clutch pedal, then put the pedal assembly together, set to center on the bias bar. Figuring out the gauge layout with the Marshall Speedo & Tach. Has to fit 15" x 4.125", difficult to get the 4 52mm in that space. I'll move the speedo / tach closer together to gain a touch of space for the small gauges in the low 20's today, but sunny & dry, so I took it out to make sure the new cam gear is good. Maybe this year I'll get the stripes done Got it on a lift after that, no leaks I can see
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    Haven't been driving this much over the last year due to kids being hard to put in the back, and some lingering maintenance issues.. Well, I'm hoping to get it back to 100% by mid summer. There was a camshaft seal leak that has compromised the timing belt. I don't anticipate a problem immediately, but that needs to all be replaced in the near future. The suspension and brakes are also in need of some attention. This sill be a slow project like everything I touch, but I did grab a set of Maxpeedingrods coilovers.. Couldn't argue with the price, and I had a chance to try them out on a different P80 in person and I was very impressed. They seem to be getting good reviews from other P80 owners as well, so I'm going to give them a shot.. The biggest complaint I hear is that they rust kind of fast, but since this car never gets driven in the winter anymore, and I don't mind keeping them lubed, they should be fine. More coming in the near future..
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    80,000 miles, proven miles too because everyone knows the odometer gears break in these cars... original paint? not modded? clean and straight? $15-20k share some pics
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    Iv been getting some data and doing expiriments to help all of us. Think our i5 are pretty great but this lack of easy way to tune isnt gonna fly. So far as a recap i started with a 2000 volvo s70 se. She was na and blew a hg. Fixed it happened again this time the bores didnt look too good so out she went and in came a b5254t out of a 06xc70. I got the car to run on the denso and slowly kept going with it. I also got it to run on my me7 and me9 via harness adapter. Started to work on a few ways to do this to answer the age old can i turbo swap question. In short yes and its easier than any of you would believe. The stock denso with alittle monkeyery to the car actually runs this thing perfect until 8-9psi then things get a bit lean but not scary until 13psi. I am working on the me7 and me9 aswell still just put them on the backburner for the simple fact that their too smart for their own good and im low on time these days. I have found (and i am in the early stages of testing.) That a power commander 5 that we use on motorcycles will work on the denso. Its cheap and i think i can get a speed density conversion with it. Read the link for details i just got referred here due to very little help on the other fourm. I do intend to sell a pnp set up if theres interest and down the road but i will be posting everything one needs to do it themselves so if anyone can chime in with some help in a few parts id be very grateful and the whole community would benifit. Anyone know how big na denso injectors are part number 3460? Iv been searching for awhile and im gonna just eat it and build a flow bench if no one knows but i really dont want too lol. Check out my water injection kit its ugly but man it works (no intercooler or lag) and its cheap. Before anyone asks yes all of this has been done on the cheap quick and dirty side. Im looking for answers not a show car.. Although i do have this other motor here with sleeves, rods, pistons,studs and a trans thats halfway together for awd swap a real awd swap not the haladex.. But first this is my dd and i enjoy the lack of attention it gets from local pd. Its gonna be a year or two before im going that far with it. For now im looking to make the electronics happy and have some fun. see whats the cheapest most attainable way to do this swap safely and make power is. Keeping in mind that it needs to be simple enough that anyone can do it. https://volvoforums.com/forum/volvo-s70-33/going-turbo-some-questions-100421/ Hope the link is okay promise ill make it less all over the place when i get to my next stopping point with the car. Im just messy