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    bought a john deere z540R this am. 60" zero turn... 2 acres in 40mins lol maybe less ITS AN 'R' guys! tractorspeed.com
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    Yes. PVL Auto Detailing and Daycare.
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    I got the relays wired, and the two connectors to allow it to be unplugged & removed as a unit 6 pin Sumitomo TS 090 for the signal wires & 6 pin JPT for the power/ground feeds Have to figure out where some of the wires need to go that aren't part of the ECU "E" & EMS C201 connectors. Tomorrow I'll get the other relay box that lives in the spare well that feeds the starter & the Bay fan circuits wired. Need to do the same & have it removable with about 2' of harness coming off it. Much easier to do this part at my dining table than squatting in the freezing garage Worked on the spare well area relay box. Right now, it's for the starter relay & bay fan circuit. I wired 2 of the spare fuses to constant (30) and the other two to switched (15) for future use. Constant (30) feed for the starter relay & two of the spares. 2pole connector is for the starter feed. Took me forever to decide what type of connector to use, kept vacilating between design types. These are Sumitomo 6.3mm series, somewhat beefier construction than standard old school Yakazi terminals. Going to use Yazaki & Sumitomo 060 terminals & housings for the EMS connections to wiring to ECU "E" & C201 connections. left the spare relays switched power & output/ ground lines out, since I don't know just yet what they will be controlling Diodes inside the insulated strips for ground & switched power, to prevent backfeeding in the bay fan / timer circuitry. Use part of a zip tie to keep the diode connections rigid. About 30 wires left to connect to their appropriate circuits. I've done all I can of the wiring out of the car, time to go back out in the cold garage EDIT: forgot to note that in figuring out the relay wiring, Honda uses a later convention for the (mostly) Panasonic(?) style relays they use - terminals are numbered 1-5, instead of the older 30, 87, 87a, 86, 85 that I am more used to with Volvo schematics. I have been using the following conversion: 1= 30 2=87 3=85 4=86 (4=87a 5=85 on their 5pole diagrams, which is annoying) based on my read of the Honda schematics. The relays they depict don't seem to utilize the diode I am used to seeing between 3-4 to prevent backfeeds. Most all the (Volvo supplied) relays I use are the standard cube with the diode in place. As such, it is essential to make sure the ground side of the circuit is always connected to 85, since the diode is set to prevent current passing from 85 through the coil winding to 86. I have noticed some of the Honda-swap schematics wire their relays with 85 as the switched current, and 86 as the ground leg so I have to be careful when following these to switch mine to 85. plastic-welding the duct support - outside - the vapors really smells bad I have about 3" depth at the bottom corner in the well primed and painted the bracket EPDM hose I bought from McMasterCarr years ago Hose will go through the inner fender gap to the gas tank side opening & will attach up top gap (parts car) that the hose has to push through Fan PWM controller finished duct plate - lips on the left & bottom to clip it in place. top of plate tucks under vacuum cannister support bracket
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    Finished the 8 pole spade bridge connector only the OBDII port left now. ELD circuit wired to this point. Just need to figure out a feed that is not live in crank reconnected the battery - nothing caught fire or turned itself on, so it's looking good - so much wiring I wasn't sure I wouldn't have an issue reverse lights are fed from the ECU, they work Only thing I see is that I have the trigger for the ECU fan connected to (30) feed instead of (15) - it's not supposed to be live with key off. Have to get some gasoline, check the fluids, and then crank it over & see what's what :)
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    It's really cool. She has been waiting to get an XC90 in June for a few years, but was unsure with three kids and looking at other brands that offered the second row captain seats. Volvo announced they were doing it and she was so excited. If I moved on the from the wagon, I would be looking for the same XC90 you are. Anyways. Back on topic. I still have the e30. It's stripped down for the winter - patching rust holes, reinstalling and refreshing the whole AC system, rebuilding the rear subframe, all new brake lines, calipers, rotors, and pads, sound deadening the interior, wheel bearings, etc. When Katerhine gets her XC90 in June, I'll be adding another fun car to the garage (not quite sure what yet).
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    Cool. Cool man. That makes perfect sense. Thank you.
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    Used a S40 wheel arch liner to make a cover for the EMS wiring secured with one plastic rivet I'll cover it with carpet made a couple extra heat sheilds from some extra material from the S40 Have to add one more sheild for the rear body panel reworked the heater hose feed elbow, it was sticking out too far & causing the heater hose to hit the shift linkage all good now Got all the drivers properly installed - had to reinstall the app with the ECU connected & powered for it to work changed the injector sizing, but didn't realize the dead times had to be manually set - this is the stock 310cc times After taking care of the cooling system I started & ran the motor for maybe a minute, and saw that the WBO2 was reading 10 (!) so I shut it down. These are the dead times I should have switched to before running it I'll reload the tune tomorrow, hopefully it'll be all good now.
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    Well that's a deal. Lawd what I'd do.
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    Oh I already went through every album. I'm not even really fan of metal! but I heard cemetery gates one day and I was like ok this is one of the greatest songs ever made. After that I wanted to listen to it all and now I'm hooked.
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    You definitely need to listen to Far Beyond Driven if you like those.
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    Over the past weekend, I went up to a friend's place who is also into Volvos.. Met up with Dan Maley and let the Saffrons have a little quality time together ;) Nothing much else to note at this point. Winter mode is still in full effect, I pulled my annual stunt of ripping the rear splash shields off in a large puddle again. Salvaged the right side and am in need of another left.. Upcoming summer plans are going to include: -Stereo system -Tweak rear springs (currently on cut R springs and Euro Nivos with drop bolts. It's a litttle bouncy, I want to try Trimmed XC springs and see if it's a little smoother) -More maintenance and chase pesky little issues -Jewels or ABMs if I'm feeling frisky.
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    The latex seems to be working for fixing the mat backing. It's holding the frayed edging nicely. Found I hadn't discarded the driver's mat, so I'm going to try the same for that. I'll add reinforcing webbing to the damaged sections of the backing, and laminate that into the backing. Test fitting the CEIKA brakes. problem is the calipers won't clear either wheel style without 24mm spacing. I need them to redo the brackets and the hubrings to push the calipers back 12mm. I can deal with 12mm spacers, that won't mess with the wheel arch /fender clearance. Worked on the EMS wiring after that. Finished the final connections to the harness. The I/O for the reverse lights & brake input were the last putting it all in place bracket & ECU fan secured ECU in Relay box in Much wiring stuffed into this corner Soon I'll get to this mess
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    He sets up one of these in the shop while he works. As long as you put out a couple bowls of food and water, kids are usually fine for a while.
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    😁 I have some plans. Can't divulge anything else at this particular moment. I won't disappoint you
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    Been away from the forum for quite a bit. Is anyone still interested in 850r wagons at all? Maybe I'll just clean her up, and put her up on the fs board soon. Btw, who do you use for uploading photos these days? Thanks in advance! I'll work on better pics, and move it to fs. Just need weather's cooperation. It just sits. Hopefully somebody will enjoy it. I'll miss her for sure.
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    If it was up to Katherine, she'd have a small herd of children. She stays home with them, so we don't have the ridiculous costs of daycare thankfully. And she's getting the new 6-seater XC90 this year to better accomodate the family.
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    lol dadspeed.com is right I like the Atlas, but cant do a car payment on one salary lol
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    It gets worse with 3 kids. Three Across in the XC70.
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    There is an aluminum slat panel that covers all that, so yes, one cannot see it once it's covered :) Thank you - it is enjoyable, making stuff :D Finally had a breakthough in terms of having a direction for the ECU, bus bars & relay box layout. Slow day at work, so I did some sketching to figure it out. Was thinking along these lines (in the left cavity, vertical strip on the right being the left frame rail): played around with some cardboard, and then made the aluminum version (used the neighborhood watch sign). Recessed to keep the ECU as far in the fender well as possible. Bolted to inner wheel arch and taillamp support. Then I figured out the support for the relay box, and the bus bars template: cut & folded, rivnuts to secure the relay box & bus bar. Pos bar will go to the right anchor at the base - using the bolt that also secures the exhaust hanger plate Now I can get on with the actual wiring, once I get back from visiting my daughter & grandchildren in Orlando.
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    Small small dent but one that I always saw when getting in the car. Especially with the motion detected lighting in the garage always perfectly lighting it up. PDR guy did a great job.
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    Replaced the MAF sensor. I was going lean on me at idle and part throttle.
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