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    News today: My twin exaust in place and after listen someone of you, I modified rear spoiler .
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    REMEMBER.... ANY TAMPERING WITH FACTORY EMISSIONS SYSTEMS IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS. PERFORM THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK There have been couple of threads lately http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php/topic/132158-sas-delete/page__hl__sas+delete and http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php/topic/139442-another-sas-delete-using-luckys-idea/ that have discussed ways to delete the SAS (air pump). I suggest you read them for background. This will be strictly a write up of 2 ways to accomplish this. This has been a joint effort with Volvospeed members IPD-Lucky and Flaco both contributing to this mod and obviously they both deserve a lot of the credit. It appears that a diode (Radio Shack #1N4003) connected between pins A32 and A37 of the ECU will cause the ECU to "think" that the airpump system is fully operational. The only parts of the airpump system you need to LEAVE installed are the airpump relay and the solenoid valve. They both need to have there connectors connected. Everything else can be removed. Here is a picture of the scematic showing what we are doing, notice the direction of the diode, that is important.... The mod can been done one of two ways. Either inside the ECU or in the harness directly below the ECU. To do the wiring IN THE HARNESS UNDER THE ECU, first you need to prepare the diode (radio shack #1N4003). I soldered it to a short section of wire.... Then attach a section of heat shrink to protect it and mark the direction that the current flows.... .... Then remove the ECU and the plastic housing.... Then you can access the harness and install the diode between A32 (GN-SB wire) and A37 (BL-P wire). DO NOT cut either of the wires. You can install the diode with a Scotch-Lock or the way I did it was to just slice away some of the insulation from the wire and solder the diode to it. Then I taped up the soldered connection. Just make sure the diode is pointing in the right direction.... Put it back together and that's it. I like doing it this way so the mod stays with the car, even if you swap ECU's. I would get a little nervous opening up a stage 3 IPD ECU that I just bought, to do it inside. Wouldn't want to chance screwing that up! To do the wiring INSIDE THE ECU, first remove the ECU and open it up. Bend the 4 little tabs up. Then swing the hold down lever around and out of the way. You may need to pry it up slightly to do this.... Once you're inside it's very simple, just find A32 and A37 and solder the diode in place. Again make sure the diode is pointing in the right direction.... Secure the cover and re-install the ECU in the car. That's it! I have one car with the wiring done under the ECU and one car with it done inside the ECU. They have only been done for a short time so I guess we'll say it's experimental at this point. The mod in this thread http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php/topic/139442-another-sas-delete-using-luckys-idea/ was on my car for well over a month with no CEL. So it can also be done that way.
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    wood all around Feels good to have my suspension/wheels back.
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    Lol . Agreed picture is not new, but the car still sits the same
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    The last year I have been working, on and off, on an old milling machine. Posted about it >here. It's about the 412. A friend tried to repair the servo system but this didn't work out. Overthinking what to do I had two options. Either install a new Heidenhain compatible servo system and add a new control or retrofit the machine with something simpler. I think I would have preferred the Heidenhain option but besides the huge costs it would become a challenge to make it all work. I chose a cheaper option commonly used on older machines. It's called Mach 3. A control system running on top of Windows. Normally / Originally Mach 3 communicates with a controller though the parallel port. Controller itself often is a simple breakout board. A thing I didn't like. Another thing was that it is often used with stepper motors instead of servo's. After investigating the options I decided to go for an Ethernet based control. For the servo's I used drives from Delta. New pulley, motors and machined new motor plates, Whole machine needed to be rewired... Huge puzzle with the spindle drive but eventually got the darn thing to work. Cleaned and painted the spindle body work, But decided to leave the outside of the machine as old looking as it was. Bodywork was media blasted on the inside only and an industrial coating was put on to bring some light inside the machine. Needed transportation for the bodywork, And eventually had most of the machine back together, Made a panel for the controls, , Used an old touch screen monitor, Which makes it look like this now, Not completely finished but operational. After that it was time to tune the machine and start testing. Slowly getting familiar with the machine and so far it has been performing way beyond expectation.
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    Cosmetically finished.
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    With the new bumper installed, it's probably the cleanest its looked in the 6 years I've owned it.
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    Not Current, but its not in a showable state right now anyways. Didn't see anywhere else to put it.
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    sneak peak of the progress...
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    Startled me http://youtu.be/PvYP_d2S1Pg
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    I did! haha, but probably not what you were thinking. It's not Atacama, and I didn't reupholster it. I picked up somewhat tired tan V70R seats in California on my way back and after good cleaning they looked even worth. They were dyed at some point and most of that came right off with simple green and some elbow grease. So I decided to paint them, and since I had to pretty much redo everything I changed the color to BMW Modena for leather and Champagne for suede. I went with Leather Magic I didn't finish it all yet as I had to order more paint. It looks ok. Definitely better than it used to be, so I'm pretty happy about it.
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    Rocking Ian's old Speedlines and sitting on BC Racing coilovers! Just picked them up last week. Rears rub but hopefully tomorrow I'll have the fenders rolled and possibly stretched a bit.
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    gotta get more pics up soon of these two and all I have done in 2013 iphone4s pic the other week rare pic of all the cool cars in the garage that live at the aprt. Left to right if you cant tell from the crappy cell pic: friends 13 Golf R, GF's 13 Jetta GLI, My Blue V70T5M, Friends GF's lightly modded Scion TC, His 400+ AWHP Evo X (SICK CAR, full cage, bride seats, lots - o - goodies) and my R
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    Say what? > >6 by JVC8790, on Flickr
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    Here's a couple more. I'm enjoying the ride so much! Wheels need to be pushed out a tad, especially in the back but this will be for next summer when I will need new tires - a slight stretch will be needed...
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    HAHA Kevin, I'm going to translate it the best I can, but they're asking: Why did you park bad (as in like, doing something bad/illegal)? You have no ticket for parking (as in a paid slip for the parking spot). Not exactly sure but he's saying something about having a dealer plate for the spot. Are you okay (as in, he's asking the bad parker if he can understand what he did)? Fuck you, guy. Will you park here again on my private property (as in he's asking the bad parker if he will park here again on the spot he paid for)? No (as in, he won't let him park here again)! You are a bad parker.
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    Untitled by KeysarPhoto, on Flickr
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    The new R. 2 teasers from the photo shoot last week.
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    suspended fastassssomething or other. posting pics of blotter acid. suspended 24 hours, or however long i'm tripping.
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    ill just whore this pic out on one more thread...
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    I'm just bored. I don't have any other excuse. I saved a baby mockingbird on Saturday. Little guy woke me up chirping in the bushes, got knocked out from the nights storm. Read up and I built a nest and pinned it to his tree. Day two and the parents are still feeding him and seems to be thriving. Plus one for life.
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    You don't eat meat ergo your opinion can't be trusted
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    ^ Good beer. And hello to 15 years of debt, but man is it perfect for the wife and I. :)
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    Yes!!! I have been extremely busy with my first year of graduate school and my masters thesis, I haven't had much time to work on the car or visit the forums. In October, I pulled the oil pan. None of the orings looked messed up and there was no metal in the pan. I cleaned everything out and replaced every oring in the sump (with OEM of course). I capped off my valve cover vents and filled it up with 10w-40 and the issue is pretty much gone. Sometimes it will flicker down for a fraction of a second so I basically just said screw it. I have about 100+ hard pulls to 8500 on the engine and its still together and working perfectly fine @ 1200 miles. I don't think its an issue, maybe just a stuff guage. I also took the car to the drag strip twice. The first time i went I only got in one run. The second time i went i got in 6 runs. My best was 13.3 @ 120mph. I need to continue toying with my launch control as i kept bogging first. I also lost 2,4,R, but I think a shifter cable just snapped and the transmission didnt make any bad noises or grinding and I drove it 50 miles home in 1,3,5. Ill try and post some vids if i have time, i have a bunch. I also found a pretty massive exhaust leak between the turbo and the manifold that I think is killing my spool. Right now it doesn't make full boost until 6000, fixing this leak should bring it down 4500-5000. Unfortunately there is no way to get the turbo off with the engine in the car so I have to pull it. Ill be back home from school in May so my plans are: Pull the engine Pull the trans case (replace cables or trans whatever is broke) Pull oil pump and examine and possible replace (maybe stuck spring is causing weird oil fluctuations?). Switch to a crankcase vacuum pump system (gz motorsports pump with brushless motor controlled via megasquirt closed loop rpm vs map vs crankcase pressure target) New sensor harness (post intercooler IAT, EGT, EBP, fuel pressure, oil pressure) Finish my rev2 megasquirt PNP board. Install dual bosch 044 pumps + 10mm lines Get it on the dyno Get some 24.5x8.5x15 drag slicks and race the living piss out of it this summer cause its finally working ~Matt
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    Thought I'd post mine after a her first wash and wax this year.
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    You guys are so dumb. Porpus wheels have fish porpoises on them.
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    Some of your pictures make me think you just load cars on the back of the tow-850 and take them for a short drive in the country. Some people walk their dog, Johann "walks" his cars.
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    Got the Sats back, new rubbah, clock ticks to Carlisle...
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    Alright, genuine PROGRESS! I just spoke with his unit administrator! FACTS: Sean attended his units June battle assembly (drill). He has not reported any issues to his leadership (family emergencies, extended travel, hospitalization, etc.) His UA was genuinly concerned and knows that legal action will be bad news for his military career. She said he will be contacted as soon as possible, hopefully today, and the "process" will begin. She said his commander will be informed and most likely contact me. I shared my military e-mail address and she thanked me for making them aware of this before he ended up in jail, getting fined, or on probation. There has not been a timeframe put on how long it will take to square him away. With my experiences as a leader dealing with Soldier issues, some are resolved quickly, some take a LOT of time. Typically, when it comes to legal matters, things end up taking a bit longer. Another factor is the motivation of his leadership, and how serious they are about squaring him away. If some of you are impatient/too angered at this point, you are welcome to see this crappy situation to any end that you deem necessary. With what we know right now, between the info I just shared and his login habits from other websites, it would seem that he is up to no good. Of course, even with the evidence stacked against him, perhaps there is still some sort of misunderstanding. I asked her to keep in touch with me to let me know the progress they make with him. I told her that I cannot stop anyone from going after him, but if she keeps me in the loop, I can share what info I have and hopefully their actions will be enough to keep you guys from tearing into him, legally. That is all I have for now.