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    Grocery getter getting groceries
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    My C70 on Koni adjustable shocks and H&R lowering springs. Could use an extra 1.5 cm in the front but I'm happy with the set up. Also used Meguair's hybrid ceramic wax. Works great on this 019 black stone paint. A pain in the ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD to maintain.
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    The ECU you are running is programmed to alert you to knock. This is a non-stock feature and was added by Mercuric. The CEL will toggle when the cumulative amount of ignition retard due to knock surpasses a set value. The value is 15º unless you changed the value in the tune before flashing. This doesn't necessarily mean that the ECU is currently detecting knock, but it does mean that the ECU detected knock in that general RPM and load range in the past. Knock is the #1 killer of engines. Your engine could be knocking due to lean fueling, overly advanced ignition timing, or too much boost given your mods. Just because your tailpipe is black doesn't mean you're running rich under load, the only way to know if you're running the correct AFR is to install a wideband gauge. The CEL not triggering when the temperature implies that the problem is related to too much boost and/or ignition timing. Improper spark plugs won't detect as knock, that isn't your problem. @tighe it's VAST tuning now 😉
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    How much are you looking at for the IPD sway bars?
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    Another f'ing flat. The tire is probably shot on this one. I need a new job.
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    My one before that sheared off the upper hose connection. It looked like it had been cut off. This one would have been a great geyser if the hood had been open.
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