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    Fun time at the Poconos. 159mph official trap but didn't let out until 173 🙂
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    Took my own photo because the guys at the local cars and coffee don't know what it is/could care less.
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    So, I've been lazy in updating this thread over the summer. Here's what's happened since my last post May. @AJp80 and I took a ride out to Ithaca for the annual Euro meet. It's always a great time to see everyone and catch up with @lookforjoe @apeacock @sconeman and many others at the show. Here's a couple of random shots from around town this summer I replaced my AC compressor, drier, and orifice tube. The orifice tube was gross - as far as I can tell it's original to the car so I'm glad I replaced it after all these years. After all that the AC blows ice cold again Finally installed the set of XC roof rails from my 99 R to get rid of the peeling roof strips that have been on the car since I bought it. The roof strips before were in rough shape: And I made a stop at IKEA on the way to Swedish Car Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA So, I actually got to meet @Big Will at Swedish Car Day! He was in Connecticut visiting from Arizona and decided to come up to SCD with @B Mac to hang out at the show. After talking online for a decade or so (woah, I think I'm getting old ) we were both excited to put faces to the name. Anyways, Will's doing well, and his wagon is still as awesome as ever. Here's the only photo I took at SCD. Two weekends ago, I signed up for a big (~415 cars before they ran out of room) annual car show here in the Capital Region. I had a great time and it was cool talking to non-Volvo people about my car. On my way home from the show, I finally took a few nice (non-phone) photos of my wagon for the first time since I bought it DSC_0294 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0314 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0319 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0323 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr
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    Since everything is being ported into PHP7 I decided to make my life easier and merge down a few sites. S40 Concepts, S60R and V70R.com are being merged into VS. If you had a paid membership on any of those forums it will carry over. Members originally on VS may see a few errors if you had accounts on the other forums. If you did post it up here and I will address as I can. Permissions and forums are rebuilding now so there will be errors. We are talking over 5 million cells so this will take a while.
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    The replacement bike. 1986 Alan Record, then immediately ordered new brake cables, Brooks C15, cork bar tape, new tires, etc... Let the restoration begin.
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    no, because he didnt make the thread. it would be too easy to use that thread
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    you cant get flamed on vs anymore, there isnt anybody here to flame you 😞
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    Sorry, I can't help you. My mod level isn't high enough.
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    Man, that's fugly, but good job for the DIY ingenuity!
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    Boston Volvo has pretty good pricing as well and never had an issue with customer service (other than that thick Bahsten accent).
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    These are reps that came with the car. Good enough for me at this point in my life. Very few if any car parts have come into our current house. Now that I have adequate garage space, it really hasn't been an issue.
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    The e30 at Road America. Whole family fits in it (for a few more months at least).
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    Aren't these the same things?
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    I have my eye's on you.
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    Merge is complete and stats and search index are rebuilding now.
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    That would require Che', and he is rarely around.
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    You better dress the part too. I wanna see you in a headband and short-shorts bby.
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    You really should be upgraded considering how few are left now and how frequently you are on.
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    Dash cam for the S70. Free.99 thanks to review exchange lol. Loving it so far, new 128gb card comes in for it today so ill have a video up of it later this week. Installed the dashcam Sunday.
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    I'm not offering to build another set, but look into getting someone to retrofit bi-xenon or bi-LED projectors. I'm extremely happy with my light output, plus IMO the retrofit looks good.
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    Got the clear front side markers on the 944. 😎 Need put the clear side markers on the 955 one day too. 😂
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    708WHP now 🙂 Another roll race sunday. 165mph goal.