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    Used a S40 wheel arch liner to make a cover for the EMS wiring secured with one plastic rivet I'll cover it with carpet made a couple extra heat sheilds from some extra material from the S40 Have to add one more sheild for the rear body panel reworked the heater hose feed elbow, it was sticking out too far & causing the heater hose to hit the shift linkage all good now Got all the drivers properly installed - had to reinstall the app with the ECU connected & powered for it to work changed the injector sizing, but didn't realize the dead times had to be manually set - this is the stock 310cc times After taking care of the cooling system I started & ran the motor for maybe a minute, and saw that the WBO2 was reading 10 (!) so I shut it down. These are the dead times I should have switched to before running it I'll reload the tune tomorrow, hopefully it'll be all good now.