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    I am speed! ___ Love these two pictures I got this past weekend
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    The Saff got some love in the Speedhunters feature on the NeverLift 1/2 event I attended Saturday in Coalinga, California on my (circuitous) trip home from Denver. The photographer, James Lipman, used to own an 850r and an fwd (m59) p80 V70R, so the car caught his eye. He also got a chuckle out of the Volvo wagon there amongst million dollar supercars, lol. 🤣 http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/04/god-bless-america-never-lift-day-one/#_presentation-431146
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    The 1 day a year that it's totally clean!
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    Gave the VR a much needed wash/polish/wax last night.
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    Bitches please, Flash Green always wins.
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    More Saffron!! Quick little driveway shot:
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    "mY cArS nOt ReAdY fOr ThE tRaCk"
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    I took advantage of some free time and the nice weather this past weekend to get my big front brake kit installed, and did a little bit of “while I’m in there” work too: I started the project by stripping and cleaning the front spindles that were originally on this R when I bought it. Since this wagon never saw road salt until I bought it, the spindles even have some of the factory paint left. None of the other cars I’ve worked on were in this kind of shape! Spend a while taping off all the “critical” surfaces and they’re ready for paint: After several coats of high temp primer and silver paint, they’re ready for new FAG hub assemblies to be installed: Here are the details on the actual brake package. The setup I made uses Brembo 4 piston monoblock calipers from a 997 911 Carerra S. These are the same calipers that were used on the 996 Turbo and have 36/44mm pistons. I have custom adapter brackets that @Timbo Slice machined for me so the calipers can bolt onto the stock front spindle. I’m using Stoptech Sport “309” pads with 330mm x 32mm rotors from an 04-07 S60/V70 R, and custom braided stainless brake lines. I previously ran Porterfield R4S pads, which were amazing when warm but weren’t as effective when cold. This car is a daily driver so I switched to the Stoptech pads in hopes of adding some low-temp bite without giving up high temp performance - only time will tell how they compare to the R4S. I chose Stoptech slotted rotors that will be a substantial upgrade over the factory 302mm x 26mm rotors. The increased swept area and rotor thickness create more area for heat dissipation, which ensures consistent performance when used aggressively. The larger 330mm rotor weigh about 5 lbs more than the stock 302mm rotor, but the weight penalty is well worth the increased performance. Two noteworthy benefits of using Stoptech rotors. One, they have coated hats and vents, which will protect them from rusting and keeps everything looking good. Two, all the exposed surfaces are fully machined after casting so the dimensional tolerances and weights are more consistent than other rotors. I assembled the brakes onto the fresh spindle/hub assembly and installed them on the car My car is filthy so I’m not going to post a full car photo The finished product sitting pretty After driving for a couple years with 302s, it feels great to have a more capable brake setup again
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    This page needs more Saffron. Rolled over 170k mi on the drive home from Cars and Coffee.
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    5.5 years of progress between these two pictures.
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    Worked on the heat shield / trunk floor framing today. Started with this heat shield from the S40 AWD cut & folded to fit the opening, set upside-down here to use the opening to form the edges. Used the mallet to flatten the dimpled flanges, then pressed them bewtween two flats in the vice after this Had to mull over what to do about the raised area - I decided to make a aluminum square tube frame to contain it, upon which the stainless steel floor pan will be attached. air gap between the shield and panel two sections will be cut & welded as one The excess from the shield should be sufficient to make a panel between the exhaust bay & engine bay Whilst I was on a heatshield kick I cut the Honda manifold shield to fit the header cut edge was folded in on itself to keep the two- layer integrity Have to weld tabs back on the manifold flange, and one by the collector to support it
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    So, I've been lazy in updating this thread over the summer. Here's what's happened since my last post May. @AJp80 and I took a ride out to Ithaca for the annual Euro meet. It's always a great time to see everyone and catch up with @lookforjoe @apeacock @sconeman and many others at the show. Here's a couple of random shots from around town this summer I replaced my AC compressor, drier, and orifice tube. The orifice tube was gross - as far as I can tell it's original to the car so I'm glad I replaced it after all these years. After all that the AC blows ice cold again Finally installed the set of XC roof rails from my 99 R to get rid of the peeling roof strips that have been on the car since I bought it. The roof strips before were in rough shape: And I made a stop at IKEA on the way to Swedish Car Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA So, I actually got to meet @Big Will at Swedish Car Day! He was in Connecticut visiting from Arizona and decided to come up to SCD with @B Mac to hang out at the show. After talking online for a decade or so (woah, I think I'm getting old ) we were both excited to put faces to the name. Anyways, Will's doing well, and his wagon is still as awesome as ever. Here's the only photo I took at SCD. Two weekends ago, I signed up for a big (~415 cars before they ran out of room) annual car show here in the Capital Region. I had a great time and it was cool talking to non-Volvo people about my car. On my way home from the show, I finally took a few nice (non-phone) photos of my wagon for the first time since I bought it DSC_0294 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0314 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0319 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0323 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr
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    Fun time at the Poconos. 159mph official trap but didn't let out until 173 🙂
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    Took my own photo because the guys at the local cars and coffee don't know what it is/could care less.
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    Michael and I were fortunate to have our cars selected to be within Oblivion, effectively a Canadian Radwood and probably the best car show I've attended. I was placed within the front lot with an AMG Hammer, F40, XJ220, 560SL, pair of Saab 900 Turbos, Lada Niva, Ford EXP, etc...
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    Fixed my sync loss by changing the value of my shunt resistor and also finally tuned ignition timing. Session got cut short due to t bolt clamp failure.
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    All this Saffron is making me jealous... and making me want to crush this red pile of crap. Damn ETM is giving me MORE problems after a repair with the Sacer TPS. But it looks so nice now that it's lowered!
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    Hi Guys, It's been a while. figured I'd update those who still use the forums. I bought a 2013 S60 T5 AWD, with only 38k miles on it back in October and have been adding parts to it for Carlisle 2k19. The other day I got my set of BBS CIR's on my S60 and painted the calipers gold. A few other mods include R-Design rear diffuser, Magnaflow custom axleback, R-Design trunklid spoiler, H&R Springs, K&N filter (if that even counts..), a few other things. But it's so comfortable and It's my favorite car I've owned so far. Pictures attached.
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    Not out to pasture yet.
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    Aaron wrapped up the final dyno tuning on the Saff today. Still kind of in shock. VAST, ftw.
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    Got a little free time to get this thing all cleaned up and I gotta say that I still love how this wagon looks. Even ~2 years after buying it, I still find myself spending an embarrassing amount of time admiring the way the paint shifts color and has so many different highlights and tones based on how the light hits it.
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    2014 XC90 - 71k miles - 1 owner and dealer maintained and in great shape - every single option possible (sovereign hide leather in CHESTNUT, 19's, wood wheel, blah blah) Selling our 2013 GLI and this is taking over for my wife. I wanted a 17+ XC90 R-Design T5 but needed something I wouldnt have a monthly payment with for now
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    bought a john deere z540R this am. 60" zero turn... 2 acres in 40mins lol maybe less ITS AN 'R' guys! tractorspeed.com
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    708WHP now 🙂 Another roll race sunday. 165mph goal.
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    At a local car show earlier today. It was quite a show. There were 415 cars entered, and the host venue ran out of show parking and had to turn people away. For an American-car centric show, I got a surprising number of people asking me about my car.
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    Put about 6,000km on the car since I last posted, and it has continued being good to me! A couple weeks ago I replaced both rear wheel bearings and parking brake pads and hardware, along with the final original engine mount - the passenger side one, and trunk struts. It's nice that I've only had to spend about $300 on parts for the last 12,000km of driving... After the mechanical work I spent a day and a half detailing the interior and exterior. I haven't been as lucky with the cosmetic stuff as the mechanical - the clear coat on the rear wing has begun to fail pretty badly, the headliner droop actually came apart at the rear window so it's taped up for the time being, and back in May someone appears to have dropped a bike onto my driver's side rear door and left a nice big dent! That said, those are terribly difficult or expensive fixes, and the car still cleans up like this 🙂
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    Still going strong, last post was from november 2016, so.....hi everbody👋
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    Grocery getter getting groceries
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    This is it, dirty after driving 500km. Nebulas are in the garage at home. Ottawa roads are like driving on a pubescent kids face.
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    The car makes power and also goes fast!
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    2 years project done
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    Still not warm enough to sit outside.
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    Making progress... slowly. Im mostly on YouTube only now, so here are some of the latest videos!!
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    Potato pic cause camera broken-ish
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    Congrats! Now you and Adam can have play dates and Volvo meets at the same time!
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    There will be more details later, but short: ’98 V70r, M58, built (Wiseco 81.5, RSI rods) b5244t5, gtx3071r gen2 (IWG) .82ar, tubular manifold, tastyVAST downpipe, 950cc injectors, custom 3.25”? iD maf housing, iPd intercooler, do88 radiator and random rip kit pieces, custom intake, NA tb, dw300, non-stock fpr, stock fuel lines (with fuel to spare), E85, COP, dual VVT... that’s the basics. *stock m4.4 intake manifold
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    Bought new daily driven V40 2.0tA 2003 Classic 248tkm. :)