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    Waiting for warmer days
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    Last weekend while picking up some oil...
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    Browsing CL Saturday morning... hmmm that's cheap. Saturday afternoon: Sunday afternoon: Need to find some old spacers.
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    We did a single day turn-and-burn from Detroit to Harrisburg, PA to get this over the weekend. It's Doug Strickler's old car for the OG's still around here. 1 of 50 99 LB's with a 2000R motor (that's currently blown). Currently awaiting an RN swap and M66. Can't wait to build it!
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    Some teasers of the gen2 GTX3071R and tubular manifold, in progress. Thanks Aaron
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    Non-Volvo content, but it's a turbocharged 5-cylinder AWD: 2018 Audi RS3: Mods are stage 1 software: 521awhp/495awtq, stock everything else except for forged wheels
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    It has been buffed and ceramic coated 😊 I’m thrilled with how the fresh paint and ceramic coating all turned out! I’ll take some better (non-iPhone) pictures but heres a quick preview. The ceramic coating sheds water like it’s glass, and the way it has improved the depth and gloss is hard to capture in a photo, but it’s very noticeable in person.
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    My build thread is locked so posting here. I blew up another m56. Same as my old one. Shifted into second in full boost and lost all power to the wheels. Going to fix it and sell it. Meanwhile I was vacationing in Hilton Head over the last week and found this gem. PPI checked out out and I have plane tix to drive it back home in 2 weeks. I'll still keep my VR for daily duties. Needless to say, I added a pair of k24's to the fleet.
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    98 V70R Booty Untitled by britt edward, on Flickr
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    Heading back to the barn...now at 325k. (Y)
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    Nephew just picked up this 99 V70R so we spent this week cleaning and fixing it up. I convinced him to get some TME springs and Nebulas for it, too. Also has the OEM dual exhaust which has a nice burble to it.
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    Not Volvo, but good winter shenanigans. The Snowpocylpse didn’t materialize in Portland, but there was plenty up at Browns Camp, Tillamook State Forest
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    Yeah, I think the 99 XC should be the same as the 99 R angle gear I have in there right now. Last night I finished assembling everything and got it ready to start up. It fired on the first try, and no leaks either! I was (still am, to be honest) ecstatic. This project was a lot more involved that I originally expected. I spent all my free time working on it over the last week and that took a toll on me both physically and mentally. I’m really happy it’s done. I’ll drive it home tonight once I finish cleaning my tools and spare parts up
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    Yesterday at work. also some bonus pictures from the last month.
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    Today was summer wheel day! and the all important xc70
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    Kinda cool to see airflow around the car made visible by the salt spray from the roads. It’ll get washed soon
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    Sure thing Greg. Yes it came with PCCB brakes. Its an 04. Heres a few more.
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    I also got rid of the pinstripes on my R. However, they were underneath the clearcoat. Between the repairs I had done in June and the last week, the whole wagon has been given a fresh coat of Venetian Red. I’ll post more details in my build thread soon.
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    I realized I haven't updated this in a while. The R is still kicking and doing well aside from a few quirks. We still use it almost daily and while the ride is a bit rough, it hasn't annoyed me enough yet to justify the cost of coilovers or rear perches. Plus the nivomats are a nice feature if I load it up. I've been spending resources on other projects over the summer and haven't done a whole bunch with this. Had a few issues over the summer. The first of which was the front flange of the driveshaft where it attaches to the AG. The bolts had become loose enough to start flinging grease everywhere. I reinstalled the bolts again with some Loctite. I'm pretty sure I used it originally, but who knows. I'll check them again next oil change. The next issue was that the catalytic converter was getting plugged up. I'm running a used EST downpipe and it's starting to get bad. Even after gutting the cat, it still has an internal rattle that I just can't find. I have a lead on an Early IPD downpipe that I think I'm going to buy. It'll need a little fab work to make it work, but should be better than what's on here. Also despite being very creative with the o2 sensor spacers and restrictors, it is still throwing a code since the cat is gutted. The new(er) downpipe I am getting has a race cat with it and the PO says that he has never had an o2 sensor cove with it. Should be good to go.. If issues persist, I'll remove that cat too and get a tune that ignores the rear o2. There are a few other small piddly issues that I'll take care of before winter, but still enjoy this thing on the daily and just figured everyone should know about it lol.