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    Hi Guys, It's been a while. figured I'd update those who still use the forums. I bought a 2013 S60 T5 AWD, with only 38k miles on it back in October and have been adding parts to it for Carlisle 2k19. The other day I got my set of BBS CIR's on my S60 and painted the calipers gold. A few other mods include R-Design rear diffuser, Magnaflow custom axleback, R-Design trunklid spoiler, H&R Springs, K&N filter (if that even counts..), a few other things. But it's so comfortable and It's my favorite car I've owned so far. Pictures attached.
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    Put about 6,000km on the car since I last posted, and it has continued being good to me! A couple weeks ago I replaced both rear wheel bearings and parking brake pads and hardware, along with the final original engine mount - the passenger side one, and trunk struts. It's nice that I've only had to spend about $300 on parts for the last 12,000km of driving... After the mechanical work I spent a day and a half detailing the interior and exterior. I haven't been as lucky with the cosmetic stuff as the mechanical - the clear coat on the rear wing has begun to fail pretty badly, the headliner droop actually came apart at the rear window so it's taped up for the time being, and back in May someone appears to have dropped a bike onto my driver's side rear door and left a nice big dent! That said, those are terribly difficult or expensive fixes, and the car still cleans up like this 🙂
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    Since everything is being ported into PHP7 I decided to make my life easier and merge down a few sites. S40 Concepts, S60R and V70R.com are being merged into VS. If you had a paid membership on any of those forums it will carry over. Members originally on VS may see a few errors if you had accounts on the other forums. If you did post it up here and I will address as I can. Permissions and forums are rebuilding now so there will be errors. We are talking over 5 million cells so this will take a while.
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    2 years project done
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    Small small dent but one that I always saw when getting in the car. Especially with the motion detected lighting in the garage always perfectly lighting it up. PDR guy did a great job.
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    you cant get flamed on vs anymore, there isnt anybody here to flame you 😞
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    hey guys I lowered my car
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    And just like that two becomes three... Wrapped up a lot of small things, like:replaced the driver's side seat belt with my old modified one (has a passenger lockable buckle and belt wound onto a driver side case), completed pedal box swap to add the clutch pedal, clutch master and piping, shifter in, carpet back in, headliner back in, some trim pieces in, main wiring harness in place but needs to be modified to remove TCM, finished heater core, heater lines, turbo coolant and oil feed lines, Not major things, but they needed done. Waiting for the downpipe to complete the exhaust, three weeks out.
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    and that one is extra sexy. love the rear window louvers and the color/wheel combo!
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    Andy, headlights are the windows to the soul.
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    Its the little details that kill ya... Install the downpipe, the exhaust hangers are rotted out, so order replacements. Installed them Dipstick is missing, Go to pick n pull, get one, get home and realize your engine is a B5244T3 not at T2, throw the dipstick as far as you can across the yard, check Row52 for an '01-03 P2 Install new Snabb intake pipe, cant find PTC valve to insert, spend 2 hours tearing garage apart looking for it only to realize you sold it with the old intake pipe... stew in corner for a bit My whole day went like this. Steps forward, steps back. Just need to get this done so I can justify all this irritation with blissful shifting and SUCK-BANG-BLOW sounds
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    From the Ithaca trip -- was good to see some of the guys again!
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    Man, that's fugly, but good job for the DIY ingenuity!
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    Hey. That is an M4.3 bin - the "T5-R" was a 1995 model only. In addition, that's the European bin - the US spec is 628 (both for automatic transmissions). If you're picking bin files from Motronic Suite, you need the ones that are 128kB. You have to be really careful with this stuff, dude. Messing this up can potentially cause catastrophic damage to your engine. Literally. Please read as much as you can, and make sure you follow instructions. If you're looking for a stock bin file that will up your power a bit, then the stock 607 (automatic) or 608 (manual) bins are as high as you can go on M4.4. Those are 236 hp from factory. - S
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    The latex seems to be working for fixing the mat backing. It's holding the frayed edging nicely. Found I hadn't discarded the driver's mat, so I'm going to try the same for that. I'll add reinforcing webbing to the damaged sections of the backing, and laminate that into the backing. Test fitting the CEIKA brakes. problem is the calipers won't clear either wheel style without 24mm spacing. I need them to redo the brackets and the hubrings to push the calipers back 12mm. I can deal with 12mm spacers, that won't mess with the wheel arch /fender clearance. Worked on the EMS wiring after that. Finished the final connections to the harness. The I/O for the reverse lights & brake input were the last putting it all in place bracket & ECU fan secured ECU in Relay box in Much wiring stuffed into this corner Soon I'll get to this mess
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    He sets up one of these in the shop while he works. As long as you put out a couple bowls of food and water, kids are usually fine for a while.
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    Attention: The first 30 or so pages of this thread are outdated. Please refer to the M4.4 Wikia article where all the relevant information is currently being collated. Before asking any questions please read from at least page 30 on. I know there is a lot of information in this thread, but I can almost guarantee any question you ask has already been answered! One of the things lacking in the Volvo community is easy tune-ability for cheap. So, for the past month or so I've been working on tuning M4.4 for free. Work has been done in the past with MotronicSuite, however development stopped halfway leaving a mostly unusable product. I have created an .xdf definition file for TunerPro with the most important map and scalar locations. It is not finished, but should be a good starting point for anyone willing to experiment. If we can get a good base of experimenters we can figure out the most effective tuning methodologies and how the maps play together. Together we can make freeware tuning a reality! So far I've been successful in modifying a S70T5-M .bin file for green injectors, increasing the requested load, disabling the rear O2 checks and making the timing more aggressive. I'm still working on how to disable the SAS checks. I do not have A/C so I have not worked on making the A/C commands play with an originally equipped M4.3 car. Therefore flashing a M4.4 tune on your M4.3 could ruin your A/C! I'm not exactly sure what happens to the A/C when a M4.4 ECU is used; if anyone can enlighten me I can look in solving the problem. Alright, now how to flash your M4.4 ECU. You will need TunerPro, the .xdf definition and an appropriate .bin file (all linked at the bottom). The .bin file is the contents of the flash chip from an ECU. It contains the code that tells the ECU how to interpret sensors and run the engine. It contains assembly language instructions along with look up maps and scalars. The .xdf is a TunerPro specific file that contains the addresses of the maps and scalars. Open the .bin and .xdf file in TunerPro and you will see the items that you can modify. A word of caution, modifying some of these values can cause catastrophic engine failure. Don't modify something unless you have the appropriate monitoring ability (Wideband, EGT, etc). It is possible to flash the ECU in the car using a cheap VAG-COM cable. However, in order to flash the ECU you must pull pin B8 on the ECU to battery voltage. Having pin B8 at battery voltage when the ECU is turned on causes the ECU to enter bootloader mode, this allows the contents of the flash chip to be erased and written to. The switch on top of ARD’s ECU’s enables bootloader mode. To do it yourself you can open the ECU box and wire a switch in between pin B8 and A12(ignition power). Or you could just solder a long wire to pin B8 and run it to the positive post on your battery. Flashing M4.4 requires fairly high voltage (13.5ish) so your battery must be fully charged and healthy to flash! My battery is old and I do not have a very powerful battery charger so I flash on my desk. I use a 15 volt power supply and connect the VAG-COM cable and power connections using jumper wires. I have simplified the whole process quite a bit, if you want more information please just ask. If anyone is interested in adding additional items to the .xdf I can provide a DAMOS file for reference. Updated 3/10/13 10:44PM : TunerPro .xdf for non-immo bins Checksum Plug-in ECU Flasher Plug-in Manual .bin Auto .bin Forgot to mention, there are a few maps labeled NTBD. There is a problem with these maps, most just don't have the axis internally linked.
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    I got new tires too. A little different tread pattern though...
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    I'm pretty sure the '98 clutch pedal is the same as the newer ones, all you need are those notches for the return spring as seen in the above picture. Provisions for the clutch pedal sensor are on the clutch master cylinder, not the pedal. There are two nubs for it to attach, one on the firewall flange and one on the rod attaching to the pedal, but not the pedal itself. There may be an additional piece on the '98 pedal for the cruise cancel switch, but I'm not totally sure on that. I have my cousin's '98 V70 M56 in the garage right now and I'll be removing the pedals either today or tomorrow for the manual swap on his '99, so I'll see what that looks like.
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    We swapped an RN motor into the wife's '97 GLT. Only one of the lines came over the engine (Feed), so I just bent it around the VVT solenoid, and used tubing for the evap line. Then we just modded the cover to fit over it. Some guys have replaced the section of the line(s) that go over the engine with braided flex stuff. I swapped the thermostat housing and cover. We were still using the 850 coolant tank, and needed the vent hose.
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    Good point, and one I hadn’t thought of. Although I thought these cars actually have 3 circuits - the fronts are on their own independent circuits and the rears are on 1 combined circuit. New rear pads/rotors got installed this weekend. I went with Centric rotors and Bosch semi-metallic pads. I also replaced both parking brake cables and installed new parking brake shoes. Those will require some adjustment to be properly working, but I'm just happy the old cables are gone. The sheath had cracked in a couple spots on each cable, and consequently the cables were bound up and causing the shoes to drag on the drum.
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    Replaced the driver seat belt so I can drive the car again. $500 new, $23 wrecking yard. Luckily I found a few in the yard. First one I pulled did the same thing mine does, not unwind, but the second one works fine. Then I installed a short shift in the spider.
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    Guess they hit everywhere! Pretty cool.
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    Bought another S60. Only 106k miles and a binder of service records!
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    Paid $2,000 for this 04 v70, two owners with almost 69,000 miles on it.
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    😂😂😂 Congratulations Greg!
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    Pics or it didn't happen
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    The 4T4 was a great setup, very quick spool and better top end than k24. I made 388awhp and 426 awtq @ 25-ish psi on a Mustang dyno, but was having boost control problems, which ended up being the wastegate rod bushing/ design flaw. (Corrected before I sold it to you)... that being said, the new setup should be quite a bit laggier, but with obviously more room up top. I know, right? Aaron is the MAN VAST tuning, all credit is his. I just paid for it. Thanks Andy! I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. It’s unfair. I’m flying out to Denver tomorrow, driving it to California for a standing 1/2 mile event Saturday, then the big Davis meet on Sunday, then home to Portland from there. Should be a blast!
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    I would go a step further and assert that earlier iterations of my RN swaps *never* ran properly with VVT disabled/ blocked off. Part of this was surely inferior tuning by MTE, but if you have the option I would absolutely recommend tuning for the VVT, especially on later RN dual VVT heads. Oh, and make sure VAST tunes your car.
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    Nice one! What constant are you running now? Its a shame that the info isn't right for the VXR injectors as I too bought them in the hope they were 470cc. Happy Easter!
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    step by step, bit by bit.. LAZERLAMPS comes in
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    Yeah, all the spring force is against the collar. The collar engages several of the threads at once so it helps to spreads the force out.
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    Lookin good Brandon/Aaron!! I’m excited to see it all come together
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    It's a bit off topic, but anyway.. 🙂 That's a nice one. I have "too big" pipes in and from the turbo (4" (100mm) into the turbo and 3" from turbo thru intercooler and manifold). Idle was crap with those volumes from MAF to manifold. Solution: MAF after intercooler (measures perfect even if it is in a "boosted pipe"). Bennefits: Perfect idle, Nice response, I can keep big-sized pipes for low pressure drop. Downsides: Not good for year around use in cold climate, ice can be present in the air after the intercooler. My car is a summer car so there is no drawbacks for me. I have used it for a couple of years, works epic for me! I can use open dumpvalves together with my Turbo + Eaton Supercharger setup without issues. // Turboforslund
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    Question regarding the current state of A/C; have any additional maps pertaining to corrections on fueling/ignition/anything engine related when switching A/C been found in the past years? Ever since I switched to M4.4 (Piet's AC mod) from my M4.3 car, my engine will show weird idling behavior as long as the A/C is on. More precisely, with A/C on, as long as I'm still rolling, but with the clutch depressed, the engine will drop down to 2000RPM exactly and idle there. Only after i've come to a complete stop, the RPM's will drop to normal ~900rpm idle after a second or so. Or i'd have to force the RPM down with with shifting to a higher gear, if I force it to 1000 RPM it will stay there. So when driving with A/C towards a traffic light, or in erratic slow traffic where I clutch&roll a lot, I'll be idling at an annoying 2000RPM most of the time. The one A/C correction table I have right now doesn't seem to do much, zeroing it out gives no change, and it seems like something is actively controlling the idler to target 2000rpm. Sound familiar to anyone?
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    Yeah, I think the 99 XC should be the same as the 99 R angle gear I have in there right now. Last night I finished assembling everything and got it ready to start up. It fired on the first try, and no leaks either! I was (still am, to be honest) ecstatic. This project was a lot more involved that I originally expected. I spent all my free time working on it over the last week and that took a toll on me both physically and mentally. I’m really happy it’s done. I’ll drive it home tonight once I finish cleaning my tools and spare parts up
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    Working on fixing the pics - starting from the beginning.
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    98 V70R Booty Untitled by britt edward, on Flickr
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    That really got to you last year, sorry about that. I stopped caring once I found out how small-minded the prick was behind them.
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    http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/notifications/options/ That will let you see how your settings are configured. Other thing to check is make sure they are not being sent to a spam folder.