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  1. pfft forget the wagon's - where's all the sedan love?? And whats all this talk about Pras and Jason going 5 speed? I want interior shots.
  2. 850/x70 classic don't have rear endlinks. They do have a sway bar usually, though some estates did not if I remember correctly.
  3. Email sent. On a sidenote, I hope you dont mind my sharing, but that one answer about gas mileage on your Cam timing tool FAQs cracked me up.
  4. Two very mean looking volvos. I gota say, when you see Jason or Pras's wagon roll by you, you know they mean business.
  5. Nice photos. I had a great time. Big props to Mike and his family. I was having such a good time rolling with you guys I almost just kept going past my exit as we were all heading out. I wanted to keep going at least out to the SFV just for the hell of it.
  6. Yes. This is a cult after all. :P
  7. I think there is a fine line with chrome. Cross it, and you go from bold to trash real fast. One thing about those wheels. I do believe they are for the XC90, so the hub bore is slightly larger. You'll probably want to get some hub rings to fit em to the hub. Chrome plate holders, the accents make it work. :tup:
  8. You won't be fine if its three years of your life down the toilet...or more. I just have to wonder if the council that Padilla has was court appointed or retained by him or his family. A council that doesn't give a Darn or is inept would be like having no help at all in the legal world (and that is a scary thing to think about). The fact that the US Gov droped the allegations that he was part of a dirty-bomb plot and now have some other charge relating to blowing things up makes me think that they don't have any particular charge against this guy. It sets a really bad legal precedent.