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  2. Disclaimer: In no way are the views and ideas written below shared by the Marine Corps. These are my personal thoughts and are not to be misconstrued to be representative of the Marine Corps'. hmmm this topic has irritated the hell out of me for a long time. Let me start out buy saying that I am by no means against Mexicans, hell my best friend is a native Mexican that came here legally. So basically I agree with the majority of posts in this thread. The part that really gets to me are illegal immigrants seem to get more privileges than my wife who we got over here legally, and let me tell you it is not an easy short or cheap process. So it seems to me that we are being penalized for doing things the legal way. I know alot of people that have joined the military and held jobs that don't require a clearence in order to get American citizenship. The school districts around here decided not to even play with all of this and just extended spring break by starting it early. So the basic things that are being protested here are making illegal immigrants phelons and the building of the wall, these I think are good ideas. The part I don't like is making 13 million illegal immigrants legal, that just boggles my mind. That is pretty much saying it's ok to come illegally, hell why not go down and pick everyone else up and bring them here. The whole flag thing really infuriates me, I grew up overseas on military bases not knowing my own country. I was a part of the flag detail throughout elementary and middle school. I basically became extremely patriotic, hence one of the reasons I am in the Marine Corps. Oh and the small insignificant detail that I have plenty of friends that have either been killed or injured protecting the rights and freedoms of AMERICAN citizens and legal immigrants, not somebody that somehow managed to cross the border.