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  1. I don't want to ask somebody to change their avitar, I just want the option to not look at it at work. Which is what I've done since starting this thread. I might turn them back on when I'm at home. I don't mind people at work knowing I read a Volvo site while at work. I just don't want them to think I'm looking at porn sites when somebody walks behind me and sees my screen. Seeing a picture of a car is acceptable, seeing a naked women isn't and I don't think those pictures should be on a car site. There are plenty of other sites to look for that. But boys will be boys.
  2. RAzOR's avitar is the one that made me block the avitars. His signature is pretty weird too. Not that the picture is all that bad, it just does not belong here.
  3. I look at this sight while and work on downtime, but I have to be very careful because of how some people like to display scantily clad or even naked women on the avatars and some signatures. I think it is in very poor taste and very immature behavoir, but that's not going to change it. Can I just stop all avatars and signatures from displaying?
  4. I don't care for that auction site at all. There are no pictures and very little information. I don't want to bid. I liked the classifieds much better. craigslist.com seems like a pretty good place for buying and selling, but there is quite a bit of crap there, but it's free.
  5. I like the "For Sale" section and would always look for what was for sale and have bought several items through the ads on there. If you are looking for a "For Sale" section try volvoforums.com. The have one and it's been getting a little more popular.
  6. So we can no longer see the For Sale section unless we pay to become members? When did this change? I know it was not this way two weeks ago, and I know I can no longer see the For Sale board.