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  1. in the stations that are open, yes. tomorrow i go on the hunt for fuel for the BMW. Still have 3/4 gallon on the vespa...
  2. Filled it up with fuel! Only waited about 1 hour. 8-)
  3. tail light circuit board for the 24-OOOoooohhhhhhh
  4. damn.... no one caught that! how's she holding up?
  5. Got sick of 4,000 pound 4-point blacktop compaction tool (the XC). It just sat and if I were to keep hanging onto it it would start developing issues from sitting outside. Gone baby...GONE!'re a VS member? ;)
  6. (SAAB) installed front plate (BMW) installed new oil filler cap (VOLVO XC) Drove past the used car lot and it is still there. :lol:
  7. No. The walls will be paint, the top shelf of the stairwell enclosure will be a nicely finished wood with a 1/2" overhang to match the tone of the tile floor, although that really depends on how square the existing wall are. This is a basement entrance so I'm not going crazy on it. Just want it clean.
  8. Some drywall, spackle, cornerbead and compound tape. Decided to remove the old furred out wood paneling and install a drywall enclosure to brighten/clean things up a bit. The stairs will be finished with a mild stain and some polyeurethane once the new work is done. There will also be a tile floor at upper and lower landing. Also bought some fuel:
  9. :ph34r: it says 'BIMA' in in bmw :lol:
  10. the bars are pointing down.... :blink:
  11. whats up with the handlebars? broken stem clamp bolt?