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  1. Do a search on you should find a motor for less than $1000, then ask for members in the orlando area to help you find a local indy to install it. $600 for install is good price, you will need to replace rear main seal also

  2. As a sysadmin I can say (to everyone viewing at work) that unless you work at a REALLY small company, you're really only hiding from your coworkers - your boss / IT department knows EXACTLY what you're doing, IF they care. Where I work some days over half our bandwidth goes to non-work sites from bimmerforums to Myspace to XMradio - all on company time. Many companies log internet traffic, and some also log e-mail + file access. If someone looks over the access logs, it's usually quite clear how much someone's working. For us, Boss's position is as long as the person is getting done what they
  3. All the extensive ip logging (06 and before?) is very cool and creepy at the same time. Pseudo-static IPs suck because it just makes it that much easier to compile long-term browsing trends. Oh well. I've accessed VS from my cellphone, campus, work, my parent's house house, and my two apartments all within the last month or two. Maybe even more places I forgot. Too bad not all within the last week or I would have helped FLA represent a little more. Did you ever say what service that map was done with, again? I assume "google analytics" is part of their ad package, if that's even what it was?
  4. I agree VS is very stuck in two niches – 850 / x 70 (P1?) performance and cosmetic interests in general. I think a big part of that is because of how the forum is organized, and the members this draws. We have one performance section, and it’s all but dominated by people with above cars. If you make a generic post, people just assume you’re talking about these cars. Perhaps keeping a general performance section (for showing off new stuff, etc) isn’t a bad idea, but adding special interest ones (like you have with maintenance) may be good, too. Adding a fourth-tier maintenance section, for even
  5. Hey it was just an idea, hell, you could let the recipient chose: "MBC, stock rotors, 5 quarts of oil, or $45 in paypal". Nothing's perfect, and something will always be better for someone and worse for someone else. I think you're doing more than enough just with the idea, so if you think cash will make the most people happy, and it's easiest for you, then great. It's kinda petty I'm / we're bitching over how you give out free stuff .
  6. I like the tentative awards categories, but perhaps there are other options? I know most of the admins / mods do it because the like it, but perhaps something for some of them? It seems they're usually ignored unless something goes wrong and then they catch people's stuff (I know I'm guilty of this). Your awards seem to be based on who "gives back" the most to VS, and I think that for the most part, the admins / mods do that. Other options might be "most innovative mod", "best looking car - on the cheap" or other things that would generate interest and perhaps positive competition. I'm somewh
  7. The ads wouldn't be so bad if they were a bit more intelligent. I know how incredibly difficult that can be, especially with dynamic content, but It would be nice if it could tell that intercooler meant Intercooler in this context, not Integrated Circuit. Many of the ads are quite absurd, with pipe bringing up results for "engineered piping systems and head exchangers". The only one i've seen that is applicable was for koni, where it redirected to suspension at tirerack, and that's something I just might click. I've yet to try out this "Add-free skin", but thank god you're offering one, the a
  8. I check my VS news RSS to see if there's anything important, like the whole sig thing, and I see a thread called "suspend", and figure, "well stuff, this just might be important". I think Adam summed it up. I think I spent a good 5 minutes of my life on that, and couldn't figure it out at all. Guess I'm not the gamer I used to be.
  9. Yeah, that's what I'd consider four cores... It seems like bandwidth, then IO, then Ram would be the limiting factors at this point, though.? 6MB for regular members wow that's generous. I figgure there are 18k members total, who knows how many active... I guess that fits well with 147GB, tho. Wasn't it just 1MB only a few months ago...? What next, VS hosting? Setup that's replacing the U320 = Dell FC4700, at 1.8TB. If that doesn't offer enough space and throughput, I don't know what will. Supposed to hold 360 MBps sustained.
  10. not bad, especially for a website. I wasn't just commenting on storage space and speed though, but backups + bandwidth, too. I don't know what the connection is, but someone's paying for it... Right now I'm upgrading a site from U320 to Fibre, got a powervault 220S loaded with U320 36g 15k Cheetah's, 2 RAID5 controllers, and three cold spares. Trying to get $1800 for it, but that would benefit any VS people, especially VS itself, that price could definitely fall..
  11. Yeah, well, it's not really as interesting as the other forums. Hell, I just found out it had a separate RSS feed oh 15 minutes ago. I guess the whole sig thing proves it's important, though. Seems like those server upgrades are paying off if you can hand out upgrades like that. You're gonna go from 6GB of data to a lot more - real quick. Wish you luck with that one man .
  12. When you put it like that, I guess it makes more sense. Sometimes it's easy to forget you guys are doing this in your spare time, too. I only had "modifications" in RSS, I didn't even know there was a news one, so now that's added. So yeah I guess that's me apologizing for being an ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.
  13. No, I've had several posts edited, but because they WERE offensive. I self-edited my rant to remove some of the direct insults in it, and if you want to clean that up even more, great. That's fine, that's what mods are for. Not to be picture-size nazi's, because some jpeg is a few pixels too big. There's no way that's hurting / offending anyone. I made my rant, and I'm done with this. Half the time I don't even run a sig, so I'm not going to bother making a new one right now. Flat-out removing people's sigs as opposed to replacing them with something offensive would have been much better from
  14. I replied your PM, didn't need to bring it back into the thread, but whatever. There are many issues here - for those of us who only use RSS feeds, we never saw the damn memo. Only noticed when our sig was changed. Kinda a kick in the nuts to go from a nice pic of your car to "idiot", with no warning. The point is, setting some specific guideline, "600x150", is really absurd. kB, overall size, or area are all much better ideas if you're dead set on an official rule. A general "anti-large-sig" guideline is much better. There are many well-formated, aesthetic sigs, that happen to be just out of
  15. Whoever started this signature thing, you're a real douchebag. I think it's interesting that while some people (namely, regular members) have had their sigs resized, others *cough* Kevin *cough* still have 633x282 pix images. And that's the only one I've noticed, I'm sure there are more. This issue has been brought up before, and the consensus has always been those with bandwidth issues / small screens need to turn off signature images in the control panel, or turn on image resizing / turn off browser images. I personally run two screens, one at 2048x1436 and another at 1600x1200, and I perso