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  1. GLT cams or? Stock valves and stock grind or? Cool :)
  2. I'd still advance them a couple of degrees, maybe intake +2 and exhaust +4... It's easy enough to adjust from there, honestly it's a good exercise to try some different settings to see what works best for you and your setup/tuning. I'm also not entirely sure if advancing intake cam also advances ignition timing, but I like to think it does :)
  3. I might advance both a little to help with off boost response and possibly spool time...
  4. Looks awesome! I got almost a year out of my old black 855t's transmission with a t3/t04e 57 trim at 20ish pounds of boost before trans grenaded... Car was a dog down low, but once you were into the power band it was very fun. I'm sure some better tuning and a higher stall would have done wonders for the car. My theoretical crap shoot morning coffee thinking on turbo size and trans abuse is that the torque falls off so rapidly on the TD04HL turbos after the peak that by the time you reach the shift point it is a lot easier on the clutch packs during shifts. Whereas bigger turbos that have a lot more torque up in the band are rougher on the clutch packs. One other cool note is my 855t went from 5100rpm shift points with a ported 15g to 6100rpm with the bigger turbo... That was neat ;) Looking forward to seeing what you think of it once it's driving!
  5. I agree. If it were residual damage resultant from detonation in the process of tuning or something, that would be more understandable. But if in fact the break is due to cylinder liner wear, I don't know that the wear would be that accelerated with say an average of double the stock output. I also put 40k on a car in a year sometimes, so for me it's hard to imagine a properly conceived and clearanced setup like that to just reach end of life at that type of mileage.
  6. Hi Hussein, just wanted to drop in and thank you for all the well documented live R&D you've done on your car and shared here. This forum lives off user generated content, so hopefully you will revisit the platform (C30 or possibly a future 850 or something ;) ). We will always need some more of the hand drawn legal pad sketches showing how you will braze something the way Volvo should have done it from day 1. The issue I think we run into with these cars is that you can really only go so far with X displacement. If you are satisfied at 400-500bhp it is feasible, but much beyond that and you end up with a number of points of high levels of stress. Maybe an S60 T6 bears some consideration for those looking to go beyond those levels... My guess on failure is that somehow Wiseco overlooked something. In any case, certainly took the car past where most would or could. I wish we had a a final trap speed on it though!
  7. The original comment was that if you turn off adaptive knock, you then need to be careful if there is ever a situation where you are forced to use lower octane than what you tuned with (i think!).
  8. The concern with that approach is that it is entirely reactive, compared with MAF voltage combined with the other maps, which sees the air coming in and assigns fuel trim accordingly. By seeing burnt mixture in the exhaust, you are attempting to correct an incorrect mixture after it has happened. Not a big deal at low loads and steadier RPM, but with high loads and accelerating rapidly up the RPM range your resolution to correct fuel trim as you go is likely going to be quite limited. The best running product will always be very finely adjusted maps as a base point, with as little correction applied as possible...
  9. Could a knock sensor bolt be loose? Have they ever been removed/replaced?
  10. Good job Mike. Hell of a fight huh? Get any jumps or did they stay deep? BTDT Great fishery they have there, those freaking striped marlin fight like you wouldn't believe. Not really heavy fish but damn. Great on 20# tackle. Did that in 2006, before wolf shirts or camo frame sunglasses were cool
  11. It lets mom and dad go off and do their own thing while junior sits in his/her room?
  12. We are faced with a social issue here, any gun legislation or any other knee-jerk laws will be feel-good BS that aims to get politicians re-elected in our messed up lifer legislature. There is no simple remedy for the dangers in our society. There are really messed up individuals out there, with more means to live reclusively and dodge social interaction and responsibility than ever (along with appropriate diagnosis and help). The assault weapon ban would be a back-slapping hippie fest that doesn't even remotely address the issues we face as a society, getting back to the point. Maybe less effective than taking my shoes off at the airport. Charles, look at the millions spent pushing forward catch shares policies in the fisheries. I think the government will spend millions on whatever someone tells them will win the next election.
  13. Hey Hussein, Never really messed with the lower values too much (originally Karl's map), and never got to dyno tune the car. I was more focused on the midrange and higher RPM with the street tuning that was done, and only ever added timing (I can only assume it was a pretty conservative map to begin with as Karl never dyno tuned either). If you're talking about higher kpa and lower RPM, it's because my hardware setup never visits those bins If you are talking about lower RPM in general, it's just because I never really spent much time going over those bins because the car's drivability was extremely good and wanted to focus on acceleration more than that.
  14. There's my last spark table, car has a really great feel, much stronger top end than it ever had with Motronic by a longshot (keep in mind I'm only running up to the 230 kpa bin). I would be wary of the stated timing values in Motronic maps, I have heard a few times that they are mapped a little higher than expected actual values at high RPM. You are running 93 octane pump gas right? Not sure if there is anything in your setup that would really require a lot more spark angle at any point.
  15. Hey Hussein, you should have the VEMS stuff in your dropbox. One note, I did have a weird breakup around 6100 RPM that the car would not power through, although it may be something hardware related as Karl (Buchka) never had the issue in his car. I only tweaked the fuel and spark maps, so it makes me think it is something specific to my car with VEMS. Worth a note though, in case you get my configuration files up and running and experience something similar. Excited to see what VEMS can do for your setup ;)
  16. I think once Hussein has a 500 whp hardware setup (IMO basically only a turbo and injectors away at this point), and is making 400 whp, then the standalone and more conventional tuning methodology will come. I think he's having fun fabricating now, the car is plenty quick, and he does have a way to send his feedback to the engine management, even if it isn't the most ideal tuning suite for this level of hardware. I'm impatient too, and although I kind of lost interest, I was getting pretty good results with a lot of under-utilized or under-addressed aspects of my 850. It was fun though, and if I kept going I would have gotten there. Just in a little goofier sequence than most. These are Volvos after all ;)
  17. Not to drag things more off topic, but I think I probably put about 30k on my old QBM delrin control arm bushings back in the day. Were still good when I sold them... Was using H&R springs and Bilstein HD's. I think those manifolds are going to make you want to run up to 8000 And using more fuel in those higher bins on the map too...
  18. Nice, divorced wastegate flange will be nice to have at those high boost levels you like Looking good as always.
  19. Hmm, I like reading about you guys with real world data and more interesting hardware setups posting quantified performance numbers Almost makes me want to dust off the 850 and try it out. However I think my coolant temps will rise beyond comfort by 120. They already hit 98C on a full third gear pull, bet they get over 100 at the sensor with some 4th gear involvement. That means even hotter around the cylinder tops... Makes me wonder, how do you guys do with your temps? I know Hussein runs a much cooler t-stat (thanks for the info, one day will get it for myself ). Does everyone else go to a lower t-stat as well? Seems like good insurance if you can tune for any cold enrichment you may encounter.
  20. Do the later heads have the same t-stat housing as the older? Or are the t-stats interchangeable? Reason I ask, where'd you get an 82C t-stat?? That would make me very happy I have a 92C, and by the time I finish third gear the coolant temps are at 98 sometimes if it's very hot out. That is not so good considering many of the failures on these engines point back towards cooling inefficiency at the tops of the cylinders.
  21. Jeez Hussein, I admire your work ethic. Seriously. You jump hurdles like an olympian :)
  22. EricF

    Eriks 850

    Nice solid powerband Good stuff man, that car is so well-rounded.
  23. Hussein, I always thought you had a closed crankcase ventilation system-- er, routed back to the turbo intake? How does the open air element fit into the equation? A 3-port catch can? (crankcase, intake, open air?) I would eliminate any open air connections if possible, and rely on the vacuum ahead of the compressor inlet to keep the systemic pressure in vacuum. The vacuum generated by the intake is compromised when there is an outlet to atmospheric pressure. In all of my whiteblocks, I have never been able to successfully vent to the atmosphere in any capacity without smoking... Now, if you've just gotten your system to work to your satisfaction and eliminated all the smoking, then don't change things on my account and instead have a beer to reward your efforts ;)