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  1. Sorry babe- I got nothin' for ya anymore. Maybe someday I'll have more stuff for you to indulge in but for now the feeling just isn't there.

  2. i miss flaming you.....

  3. I'm not a huge fan of the guy (and he's a d**k) but I think it's ridiculous that this even made news... anywhere.
  4. No offense but that's a horrible excuse for not running a brake. Especially since you're still learning how to ride that thing. I ran a brake when I first learned and I feel comfortable enough now to be able to ride without one. Just beause you can skid doesn't mean you can stop efficiently. Run the brake and stay alive.
  5. Jamacian skidding ain't safe for the streets and you'll go through too many shoes if you ted shred all the time.
  6. No offense but I would never trust welding a freewheel like that on a fixed gear. Track wheelsets are as cheap as $100 on ebay (or local CL ads). You also won't find a 27" track wheelset (at least cheap). Also, get some clips and run a brake!
  7. I'm very excited to see that finished, Bill! Those lugs are sooooo cool.
  8. Holding it down for the Texas Fixed Grrr?
  9. Saw that. There's been a lot of road rage incidents (a few involving death) lately. It's scary to be on the road sometimes especially as a daily commuter. Definitely keeps the blood pumping.
  10. The one thing I don't trust about carbon fiber is its lifespan. I would feel relatively comfortable with just the fork blades made of carbon fiber but I'm not sure how I'd feel about the steerer tube made of the same material. But then again, I'm in a city environment and I'm assuming you're a little less rough with your stuff. I can get back to you about the guys opinion about the fork but it probably won't be much help considering he just got it the other day.
  11. You kidding me!? I can't afford that thing! I'm broke! I'll let you know how the guy likes it though. He decided to go with the thomson instead of the matching easton seatpost. Kinda weird, in my opinion, since he's so concerned with weight. I've heard good things about the fork though.
  12. Matt I present to you the official first lightspeed track frame.