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  1. Bath after our first snow in NC.
  2. Brandon and me at H2Oi this year.
  3. Love a nice ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD shot.
  4. Gary, when are you going P2 if ever...? Haha Either way the 850 looks damn clean.
  5. Ian, We need some pull videos...
  6. Just added a 25mm rear spacer in the rear so, 28 up front and 13 in the rear.
  7. Such a bad picture but you get the idea. BBS CKs wrapped in 245/35/19... Comparison of the 235 vs 245 Plus a little video of 1st-2nd View My Video
  8. One from the past weekend.
  9. First attempt at rollers... Man do i need to get the trim painted!
  10. That's what I was thinking. Looks good.
  11. He isn't. His SR is completely stock beside an iPd tune, K&N, and 3in turboback.
  12. Me and Pops messing about... AutoTech vs. TME....
  13. Ignore how dirty the car is
  14. This weekend on the way to Cars and Coffee with pops.
  15. Did a lot of work to the R this weekend. Will update the build thread whenever it is done right, and finished up.