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  1. Of course. Been getting quotes for the past few days. All in good time. Picture dad sent to me today from back home.
  2. Haha thanks for the compliment, Tim. Only a little in the right rear. Once I decide to stop being a lazy arsh ill go ahead an pull the wheel so i can trim the little piece it keeps hitting. This is obviously with the fenders rolled.
  3. Sitting nice and clean at lowes this morning Now just getting to the library.... Summer Tax class sucks! And here is something no body wants to see on soft ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD leather... talk about cringing at every movement.
  4. Spaced out letters and some straight pipe fun for a week. Anyone else think they are too low?
  5. I agree. Soon enough though it will be pearl white. Just waiting for the pearlizer to be released in gallon form! Thanks! I miss that car too...
  6. Sitting pretty after her weekly detail.
  7. The new R. 2 teasers from the photo shoot last week.
  8. sneak peak of the progress...
  9. Very nice. I'm sure they will line up just fine haha.
  10. Nice day in NC today. 122 is coming out.
  11. Love those wheels, FINN.
  12. Haha, thanks Matt. I have been around way too long to do some dumb sh*t like that. Its a manual with beautiful Nordkap, I couldn't pass it up. Waiting to post pictures until im done with her. Not a big fan of how the previous owner had it looking.
  13. Yeah he does. That car isn't going anywhere.
  14. What wheels are they? Perfect fit for the R
  15. Travis, just thought I would login and tell you those wheels are for 70 year old fruit cakes. Cool car though for a Ginger though. Damn the no edit button.
  16. Brought the plat to college along with the Tahoe last week. Forgot how much i missed these cars and gas is soooo much better! Chase
  17. C70 is looking pretty man!
  18. oh, how i miss his car...
  19. bdimag honeyman noodle jnderr Volvo_go_go fastboy mesoam (n)a-game gdizzle SeedyRomVC RBoy8 MoosepowerC 855 GLT-R (Jack) Neu GltGreco (mike) ping23 Oreo931 gmsgltr leroystew Fake-R Tommy. R Moose (Dan) Prezman26 (Mike) T5power -Corey aznpaintball111 fischmama DB855R flyfishing3 mike 64pvolvo1800 Paul 4EVA (Owen) EVL WAGN 7 VII 7 Logan2224eph430 R850glt swedenlow scandalo KaptainKurt / Napoleon BONERpants / Kurt janskivolvo VolvoRacer850R Tizio volvo_s60turbo volvoskiah Ghost shadow Volvo5.0 Gigawit_Anteon FINN 83' turbo
  20. the wheels are sick... now just powder them in some bronze, leave polished lip. perfect
  21. haha its going back in asap. just had 2400 worth of maintenance and new motor install done to the car along with ipd springs. everything is getting fixed this time around.
  22. think its time for a new camera phone ;)