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  1. Thanks for the help folks, especially T5Bandit for resolving how I could know/recall previously being told they were first of the "latest version", and yet explaining how they are not the NOW latest version: There were in fact *3* versions, mystery solved, simple in hindsight. End links are shipping today to new home, glad they will be put to enthusiastic use! Best, Carl
  2. Correct, I should have better understood what I had before posting, right I am called on for it. If these are the later version (which it sure looks like to me based on web site and vauge recollection of discussions when I purchased them) clearly $100 is a giveaway. Greg, my apology for posting in your thread. Any offense I caused was rooted in my of ignorance of appropriate posting. I hope we can all atleast agree these are *incredible* products, and the group buy is an incredible value. I commit to know exactly what I have before posting other items in future. Even perception of bad business takes the fun out of Volvo'ing, my sincere apology. Best, Carl
  3. Thanks, I'm still in doubt. Sent Greg at QB couple pics in hopes he can determine vintage... Will post when I know... Thanks for you (and others!!) help and patience, hope to know soon. Best, Carl
  4. Thanks for info, glad for your help. It has been over a year, likely 2 years. I think I paid $135 or so, but not dead sure. I can email a pic from camera phone to confirm if someone will IM me an address... Vaguely remember Slater saying he had a newer version was just coming out and this was it, but been long time. Rather shoot a pic so we are all sure. I'll look for am email address I can send to... (here or IM)... Thanks for patience here.. Best, Carl
  5. Hey, I seem to have made a mistake, thought these are Generation 1 as I bought them while ago, but comparing to web site photo these look exactly the same, so guess ends are not infact bigger. I'm re-IMing person now who has not yet sent money. Being this is actually same as current QB offered item, and considering comments, adjusting price accordingly.... Sorry for goof, I should pay better attention ;-) Carl
  6. I just posted a new generation 1 QB end link for older S/7/C70 in classified for $100 + ship for someone that just can't wait. My C70 was totaled by my wife before I could install. Sooooooo sooooo sooooo sad. Carl
  7. "Slaters" or Quickbrick Motorsports massive adjustable swaybar endlinks for older style V70/S70/C70 for sale. These are generation 1, so have bigger end hardware, still perform same function as new generation. See here for details on current generation, read posts here (group by forum) and on other performance sites for testomonials, these rock! Parts are new as shipped to me, all the little stuff and instructions, complete. These are $180 new, selling for $100, buyer pays shipping. Paypal would be fine or I'll ship after your check clears. If in Denver area just stop by. Why selling? These are great endlinks, looked forward to adjusting handling to where I liked it, but wife totaled my 00 C70 HPT Coupe these were destined for, my loss is your gain. I got a 04 V70R so slowly getting past the loss :-) Carl