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  1. when i log in, i get some message about how i dont have permision or something to view or access something.
  2. real?
  3. "It took two and a half years, but Port Colborne, Ont., resident Ian Thomson is finally done defending himself. First he fought the men who tried to murder him. Then, his own government."
  4. i believe its montreal canada. edited part: and ill just throw this in here.
  5. pretty much works fine on my bb. Except the quotes doesnt seem messed up to me. Im also pretty sure bb is last on chucks list of things to even consider.
  6. shit, didnt realize you didnt get it. my bad.
  7. i ment the cost of the guns. and yes technically (while i didnt mean it) the cost of shipping guns is extremely high.
  8. basically, you send guns to chuck that prob cost atleast $100+ and he gives you $50 worth of forum privileges? edited part: btw my home is less safe b/c i cant use a gun.
  11. taskmule, go answer my post. What if i smashed your car window every month, what if i broke into your house and threatened you and your family. Go ahead and claim that you dont support guns. When this happens to you year after year, i dare you to tell me that i dont have the right to defend myself and my property.
  12. "PLEASE NOTE: The NFALI does not cover activities involving horses or businesses." lol it was in response to fudgebrownie. sure you can get insurance for the most messed up things, but why? not to mention the premiums. WTF would i get insurance for me going crazy and killing people, then killing myself? It doesnt even pay out if i kill myself. I live in a world of morons, i spend monthly approx $500-$1000 on damage from criminals. I can not do anything about it. The police do nothing, i have cameras, i wear a vest (its horrible hot and unconformable), high fences, a dog, I live in fear everyday. These guys have weapons and im not allowed anything. what am i supposed to do?
  13. gun ownership. and i can see something small slipping through the cracks, but a gun? not to mention wtf wasnt he in cuffs? and im sure this guy has a record, so he didnt legally have gun.
  14. look at switzerland, sweden, norway, canada, finland, france, germany, iceland.