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  1. You guys are amazing, coming up with so much good stuff for M4.4, very impressed.
  2. The bin file is in Motronic suite, so I could be flashed to a M4.4 ecu , but would need a compatible XDF for editing the bin.
  3. Got them from 1998 XC at the local Junkyard.. I have 4 of them when I looked! took a quick photo of 610 and 608. Russ.
  4. 610 is from 1998 LPT car, I have a few... in California.
  5. There are a few guys on here with LPT motors, who might give you some better advice on tuning.. I think Midnight caller is one. Also there is a 609/610 bin for the LPT somewhere around, I think you may be able to use one of those without a problem.
  6. Looks like you flashed a HPT bin to a LPT car, you going to get a check light for knock, you will have too much boost and timing.
  7. Piet, Have a look at this post #2, It describes the same issue. Russ.
  8. ​Just bought a 2001 t5 wagon and I would like a backup ecu, could you give me a DIY on the ME7 cloning? Thanks.
  9. To extract the pins I use a small split pin/cotter pin... cut the legs to the same length and grind the "round" outside edge up the legs a bit and make them parallel so it pushes in. You can remove the pins easily once you get the tool to insert all the way.
  10. Not sure if it would change anything, you would have to try it out, but as you were asking for help I noticed that your map settings were different to mine.
  11. I read it this way.. to change every value above 4ms to 4ms (3.98) so stft will be disabled and the ecu wont try to reach stoich.
  12. your load threshold lambda control map looks like its backwards. . mine starts at 3.98 at 2190 rpm and scales down to 2.02 at 6000 rpm.
  13. Its a 0261204460 ecu for sure.. I just did not know if it was awd specific.