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  1. As far as I know there are/were only two AWD 5 speed conversions known to exist in the USA and I don't know if these still exist or not. There are probably a handful of 5 speed FWD only conversions around but again, I have no idea if these cars are still running or even still exist! Remember these never came with a 5 speed in the US and there were only a few made for Canada. One of the conversions mentioned above was made from the transmission out of one of those Canadian cars. There were no, 99-2000s ever delivered as a 5 speed to this continent!
  2. First time back in 9 months, the site looks terrific.
  3. Same as mine Bought Jan 2016. Had a little less equipment than yours did but I installed everything needed FL car, I installed Oak XC70 heated seats and rear park sensors, spoiler, mud flaps, ipd sway bars (which you should do), a Homelink visor, HU850, 17" Thors Refinished in Titanium, new DWS-06 Contis and a host of other items. A FL car all of its life with 0 rust underneath and now is the nicest driving P2 I think I've ever owned (and that's a bunch of them). Oh, and a Polestar tune!
  4. Buy new Ohlins, huh? Please tell us where
  5. Not a whole heck of a lot unless you have them skinned and refinished
  6. Roughly 49" roof strip to roof strip
  7. One of the jurors was just interviewed on CNN...(no name, no face), worth the watch, was quite interesting (I'm sure it will be repeated many times)
  8. Correct. I told someone to email me like my post asked and the little asshole booted me. Don't miss it. Site is great for people who need help but I cringe all the time when I read what people have bought and are now going through ... it's hard. Let Matt have one less helper, his loss, certainly not mine. For the most part I gave as much help as I could if I knew an answer to a specific question/problem, yet this little squirt decides that was not right that I told someone to do what was in my post and not ask for a price on line. Shame, a helpful site to some, a very paranoid little jer
  9. Willard? Like the movie...(before most of your times,1971) a RAT. Obama has generally been a waste but for someone in my position (age) I'm glad the health deal went through. Other than that, he hasn't done too much although he WAS right about the auto industry bailout! Romney is such an elitist, he hasn't a clue about the 99% and frankly, I don't trust him, plus he has 0 experience on. foreign policy. I don't care which one becomes president as long as the congress gets back close to 50/50 and the right wing nut jobs are voted out. Some of these people are truly bizzare and dangerou
  10. Welcome to the silver V70R club! and when I'm in my funeral mode...
  11. You really should have a plain, old, NORMAL classified section that also works like all the other forums
  12. WTF is with this site? It says I cannot start a new topic nor can I reply Yes, I signed in and it accepted it and why is it Xc not XC forums
  13. You should not be uncomfortable This is not a highly read site (at least not until now, that may change, who knows)so ALL newer content should be up there