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  1. Saw a Black on Black 850R in Morristown NJ on Saturday parked off Elm St in the little parking lot. Lots of mods, angel eye projector headlights in black, ipd? grille (mesh IIRC) with a different logo on it. Ive seen this car somewhere before, maybe Carlisle or at Travipalooza.
  2. So back to your analogy about the FBI gunning down your family while pursuing a terrorist. You would find it completely acceptable that the FBI had a person in captivity that could stop a terrorist act before it happened, but they dont get any information from him because they were too soft. Thousands die instead of one person being hurt (not killed). Although I may not agree with torture to get information since there are other forms of interrogation but I cant speak for the people that made those decisions nor can I begin to imagine the desperate situation they were in. If you are innocent and the FBI does these things to you, what on earth lead them to believe that you were not innocent? There are damn good reasons why they take people in. Look what happens when your country is soft. France is a great example of what happens. I agree to an extent. As long as we conform to the conventions passed down from past conflicts. Gotta try to play by the rules at least so that we dont alienate every allied country.
  3. Unless it gets pinned, people will ignore it in two weeks.
  5. Went to an airshow this weekend. Had a lot of fun. Sat with the announcer and the air boss then went up on the media lift with Mrs Rhode Island. It was a great day. Met some of the pilots after the show and sat down and chatted with them and their family that was also at the show. Here are a few more of the shots I took.
  6. TM850R

    Eriks 850

    Lookin good. How do you like the tuning with the TT ECU?
  7. Sadly I became what I wanted to be as a child but its not paying the bills right now so I may have to figure out something else.
  8. ok so i may not be completely hammered but i just made some mac and cheese. After I was done I immediately put some dish soap in the pan after mixing in the cheese sauce. I was going to put some water in there to break down the hard cheese that started to crust around the edges of the pan but my room mate started to eat the cheese out of the pot. So I let him. He got down to the edge of the cheese...and took a big finger full of cheese and soap. I warned him not to eat it but he took a big old bite and swallowed that soapy cheese. Lets just say he was throwing up in the sink for another 15 minutes after spitting out the soap. Owned.
  9. Iso wasnt off there Not a car but I thought it looked good.
  10. Yup...ISO was off. I was just out playing around with my exposure and aperature that night. I was happy to get anything. No tripod...One step at a time with a new camera.
  11. Bored late at night on the balcony. Stupid hotel was in the way. The more I look at it, the worse it looks.
  12. Hey man... nice R...

  13. Honestly, other than that grille/emblem, the S80 is a sexy car. I can only imagine it was a land boat without some sport suspension on it from factory but it has to be comfortable. Its good to see Volvo actually doing something that will appeal to new car buyers. There are plenty of people that want the sport of a 5 series BMW but the comfort of a Volvo. Volvo has a good base that they should expand on. Seems like they are making the right moves now.
  14. Alcohol effects everyone differently. Same goes for marijuana. Its not so much the people that smoke marijuana but the dealers that are the problem. When you start adding guns to the equation and lot of money, shit hits the fan. And yes, smokers do resist arrest, they run. Dont you watch cops? Same goes for drunks. Either way, they endanger the public.