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  1. oh, yes please! ram advertisements down my throat! i clearly have NO CLUE what to spend my money on! can i tattoo my signature on your forehead? i'll give you 20 bucks. it can't be worth more than that.
  2. only when i come here.... it's really pretty silly to expect that withholding so-called 'content' is driving ad revenue up. i would be nice to know that my inconvenience is contributing to supporting the site rather than just satisfying the need for a gimmick.
  3. "Sorry this page cannot be displayed correctly because adblocking software is effecting some of the content." still broke? WTF is my ad-revenue paying for anyway? smut posts in R forum?
  4. it's a thankless job you have to get creative because nobody will do it for you.
  5. suprise, you're not any worse off than i am. i take all that omega-3/C&G stuff as well, try biofeeed back, and self hypnosis sometime. narcotics don't work on me, and my doctor doesn't prescribe narcotics anyway. at least i can get a jolt of cortisone in my tailbone every year so i can sit down, since i can't stand up for 5 minutes either. so, yeah i feel exactly what you feel - endless pain everyday for the rest of your life. i have degenerative disk disorder, what do you have?
  6. as a long time chronic pain suffer i would take anything that would relieve the constant pain. if you ain't sick then STFU; your opinion is worth nothing. be glad you have your health if not your sensibilities.
  7. $600 is a joke. give me something i can really use like another national holiday i can take off from work (paid).
  8. you do talk about your testicles a lot. i may take back what i said about Freud.
  9. why not? i would nominate a few people, but they don't have x70's.
  10. literally? of course not. if was a metaphor for my reappraisal of your sensibilities. carry on!