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  2. do they have it up on their website anywhere, I just tried looking and couldn't find it.
  3. Question, what do most of the people here that have the Koni yellow's have it set at? I know it's 4 way adjustable, but what do you guys set it at?
  4. Air gets compressed as it moves through the fins in the Condensor/intercooler/Radiator so in between the sandich the air re-expands and then re-compresses as it passes into the next, creating a slight vacum behind it, thus pulling the hot air out.
  5. It don't matter which end of the dick you on in that case, you're a homo. BTW I don't have a problem with homosexuality at all, just always found that a good humorus statement to things like that.
  6. Accoding to the Law of Armed Conflict regarless of what you are wearing the second you pick up a weapon you are no longer considered a Civilian, but a millitant.
  7. Yea I know they aren't all like that. I spent a little time in Qatar for work and it was one of the best times I've had in a foreign country.
  8. 5k on shocks/struts should be fine. I would pick them up.
  10. before you call it dead try that, it may help you find leaks.
  11. Make one of these maybe
  12. I think I might make the drive up there just to meet all you people since I will be in Portland during that time frame. Probaly not going to run my car but still be fun to meet you guys.
  13. most auto parts stores should have them, goto Autozone or NAPA and see if they have them, if not you can get them online.
  14. A spark plug non-fouler is something I've seen/heard of people using. Might wanna give one a shot.
  15. usually we get made fun of for use of the word 'dude'. But generally either people here like ya or they don't. Around london some epeople are nice but generally there used to tourists. go up north tqoards Birmingham or out to Wales or Scotland and most people have never met an american and they love ya. That is unless they are into politics.
  16. After 2 years here I think I've never once heard a English person say that, interesting. Cars look good man, looks like you have an collection.
  17. we only have the 2.5 here in the states so, I would think the 2.0 would have smaller size considering the difference in engine size.
  18. Only ones I saw listed there were for the B230 and B17 motors. Any other companies you can think of, I want a set of cams for mine, but I might just send them to Crower to get hardfaced. They force abrasive putty like stuff through it that removes material that way it opens up the entire area, not just the entrance and exit like porting it does.
  19. What octane fuel are you running? (serious question guys)
  20. Yea, The Carefour (that's what we were told it's called) Down by Al Corniche road is one of the most awesome malls I've been to ever. How's the construction coming down there, I plan on visiting again in the future, outside of work that is.
  21. Just doing my job man, thank you for the support.