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  1. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Project Blackt5   

    After a few week delay, my rad and ignition coils showed up.
    I completed the wiring for the coil on plug conversion, so that's done.
    There weren't many places to mount the Earls oil cooler and in hindsight, I would have bought one a little wider and shorter. Luckily the rad came with brackets welded for the A/C condenser which I was able to use to mount my own brackets for the oil cooler. I never use the A/C so I had already torn it out.

    I'm using Russell -8 nylon AN hose for the oil cooler that run to the fittings I had welded onto the stock lines I cut off.

    I got the cams in and was able to set them up by lift @‌ TDC on cyl 3. Worked great.

    I got my bro to cut and weld the big water pipe at the back of the motor to get the water line outlets out of the way of the compressor inlet and also to aim the water return port from the turbo down and away from runner 1 on the manifold.
    Water lines are plumbed for the turbo.
    Next is to have my buddy weld up an oil drain and weld a vband to the turbo compressor outlet. Then I'm going to wrap the manifold and install it with the turbo.
    Once that's done, I can rejig the intercooler piping over the motor and the 4" intake pipe to the turbo. Last bit will be to test fit Trent's downpipe and modify as needed. Probably redo the wastegate dump and plumb it back into the downpipe also. Definitely the flange will need to be cut off and the one for my 3" GT outlet welded.
    The only thing I need to buy is injectors and i'm leaning towards the ID1000s. Then I have to decide if I wanna redo all the fuel lines or just wait til next winter. I have all the stuff but I just wanna drive my carrrrrrrr  vvvvrrroommm pssshh  &6%$#)*&#@
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  2. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Milled S60R Mani, Tial 40Mm Wastegate, Custom Downpipe   

    $600 SHIPPED
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  3. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: 16T/whites/98 T5A ecu $222 shipped   

    I have a straight flanged 16T in good shape with very little shaft play, a set of white injectors and a 98 S70 T5 auto ECU.
    $222 shipped.
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  4. BlackT5 added an answer to a question: 07 S60r Wipers not shutting off   

    Rain sensor wipers turned on?
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  5. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: 4.4 Turbo ECU   

    I have a 98 S70 T5 Auto ECU. $47 shipped
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  6. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: 850/x70 Turbo Single Mass Flywheel
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  7. BlackT5 added an answer to a question: 96 850 Cold Start   

    Just to close this issue, swapped out the fuel injectors for a spare set I had sitting around and problem solved.
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  8. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Injectors   

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  9. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Billet Oil Cap   

    Looking for two billet oil caps for 850/x70 etc..

    Let me know what you've got. Thanks
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  10. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Project Blackt5   

    I'm trying to decide if I should dry fit it all to measure or just go ahead and put in the seals and anerobic sealant. Leaning toward the latter
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  11. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Project Blackt5   

    Got it all ready to set the cams but the motor seemed too difficult to turn over. Piston clearance was good on all cyls. Seemed like perhaps the cams were binding since it's not the original cover? perhaps the cut up cover was warped?

    I quickly bailed on the whole idea and pulled it all apart. I'm going to measure off cyl 3 and use my original cam cover.

    First I had to create access on the exh side. Tapped out the plug and pressed in another filler neck. Dual oil cap status!

    Time to find tdc on cyl 3 and put things back together..I swear if I ever have to do this shit again, i'm pulling the motor.
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  12. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Do88 Group Buy   

    Hoping mine will come today or tomorrow. You never know how long it's going to get stuck in customs when coming into Canada. ..
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  13. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase   

    Picked up a new torque wrench to match my larger one.

    Proto 3/8 drive 10-80 ft lbs. Mainly I needed this to torque the new timing belt tensioner pulley bolt (T40) since nothing else I had would fit in there. Good excuse to buy tools

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  14. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Project Blackt5   

    Progress is slowwwww. Installed the new water pump, idler pulley. Had to stop when none of my torque wrenches would fit between the frame rail when trying to torque the new timing belt tensioner pulley. Picking up a new torque wrench today.

    Picked up this TDC locator for $20 shipped off amazon and it works great.

    Marked true TDC

    Spun the crank to Volvo TDC and set the cams in the open cover. With the slots aligned, they look to be in the ballpark so it should just be a matter of fine tuning them

    Wire is just to hold the cams in the cover during placement.

    Plenty of assembly lube used, don't worry

    I have not tightened the cover down, but it doesn't look like much room to get the dial gauge on the lifter, especially at the correct angle inline with the valve stem.

    DO88 rad should be here this week with some new Volvo coils. COP wiring is figured out. Working on adjustments to the big water pipe so I can finish plumbing the turbo. Also starting to mock up the revised intercooler piping.

    Looking at it now, it might almost be easier to get the dial gauge on the cyl 3 lifters..hmmm
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  15. BlackT5 added a post in a topic: Parts!   

    I'll message you a some pics and a price when I get home today.
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