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  1. V70R Engine in a XC70?

    Should be pretty straight forward, just leave the intake VVT disconnected.
  2. Clutch line

    lol. I got the gloves at Costco. They do tear a fair bit, but most do. Clutch line is still good :)
  3. How Your Car Sits

    Post more pics of your yellow on Volans. Mine needs tires and I thought of putting the Volans/tires off my 00V70R on it for a bit.
  4. Clutch line

    Just to close this off.. I took apart the slave piping on the old trans and there appeared to be a smallblue piece beneath a black rubber seal. Looking at the piece on the new trans, it also had the same blue piece and rubber seal so I'm assuming the second blue piece that I found does not belong. I left it out, reconnected the line and re-bled the clutch. All seems to be working fine. The retaining clip seemed a little loose so I swapped on the old one and also added a few zip ties as a fail safe.
  5. How Your Car Sits

    Don't hold your breath. :D
  6. How Your Car Sits

    The S60R is insured. My wife drives it :) I just put a new motor/trans/turbo/angle gear/rad/driveshaft/axles/downpipe/exhaust in it. Last year I did all the suspension. That car should be good for some time now.
  7. How Your Car Sits

    Record breaking temps this week so I had to wash the currently daily. Insurance is running out soon and can't decide what car to insure and drive next :P
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Swapped out most of the drivetrain on my S60R for low k stuff I've been collecting from cars I've parted. Car has 267k kms, new parts have 100k-130k kms except angle gear which has 1600km :) Complete motor/trans/turbo/angle gear, downpipe, exhaust, drive shaft, axles and rad. Just a reminder to be weary about hoisting from the aluminum bracket. I've probably done 10 motors without issue but it was in the back of my mind after reading about it in someone's thread.. murphy's law and the old one snapped as soon as I started lifting. Luckily it didn't happen 5 feet in the air.
  9. Clutch line

    I just swapped a low K motor/trans etc into my 05 S60R It came out of an 05 V70R with 100k Kms. Clutch, flywheel and slave were replaced by a dealership at 66k Kms so I never separated them and just dumped the entire thing into my car. Car was running fine for a couple days but this morning the clutch went to the floor. Luckily it was in my driveway and it was just the clutch line that had popped off. It's not the connection that I had undone, I only pulled the line off but this had separated at the lower connection. This in itself is a little puzzling as I'm sure I would have noticed if the retaining clip wasn't seated properly when I was bleeding the clutch. Anyway, I looked down and noticed this blue thing floating in the fluid on the trans side. Has anyone seen one of these? I pulled the elbow on the old trans and there is nothing in there. It doesn't look like it broke off anything internally but I can't understand where this would have come from or how the f it got in there.. And not caused any issue prior to this. I'm thinking just leave it out, reconnect and rebleed.
  10. Rods from newer T5 for my 850

    for 500 HP get china H beams.
  11. AN-6 fuel line upgrade I should add that the cover in the trunk won't fit with this setup. It'll need to be modified. I haven't done mine yet.
  12. How Your Car Sits

    Looks good Val! Enjoying your new workspace I see Did you put smaller brakes on the front? :P
  13. I have no factory lines. I don't know what the factory lines cost, but the Goodrich PTFE stuff wasn't cheap. The factory stuff shouldn't be leaky. Whatlines are you having trouble with?
  14. Input shaft gets bigger in 2002