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  1. Turbo/Manifold Bracing

    You'll be fine.
  2. yep. if not worse :D
  3. Yep, that will work
  4. DO88 intercooler cast iron?

    try and stick a magnet on it :P
  5. Flywheel

    Just get a machine shop to do it when you get it resurfaced. Give them the 707 plate to use for spacing
  6. I bolted up the S60R ones but they don't line up properly to the pad on the control arm. Also as Aaron said, the wheels rub before I get that far. :D First round, I had neglected to give him an axle with the mockup parts and when I got everything home, I soon realized they weren't going to work. The first ones were aluminum and much larger. Second time around he used QT500 structural steel. It took one last trip to get everything perfect as the rotor I had given him was used so when I put my new rotors on, the caliper was offset slightly. QT500 dulling all the bits
  7. I had it done by a local fab shop. Before you ask, no I can't have any more made.
  8. Performance Clutch , help :)

    People use the 707 plate with the repined 850 flywheel and 850r clutch disc. I'm not aware of any gap. Could your clutch disc be too thin?
  9. 96 854R w/ GTX3071R Dyno Runs

    What boost level and fuel pump?
  10. 96 854R w/ GTX3071R Dyno Runs

    Nice work Aaron! I miss my .63 responsiveness
  11. DO 88

    you just missed their big sale. they had 20% off
  12. Simply T-5R, The Build Thread : A New Hope

    On my S70, cold start oil pressure is over 6 bar, hot idle is 1.5 bar and cruising varies. I'll try and keep an eye on the gauge when doing a pull on the way home today. My motor was built 13 years ago and has ~50k miles.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    In the garage with the battery unhooked. The T-5R just sat for 18 months. I bought it but never actually drove it before. I have a bunch of batteries from all my different parts cars, so i'll typically throw in the best one I have. I often have to give them a bit of a charge first though.