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  1. I used these to connect to the fuel pump outlet and return inlet
  2. What was needed on the electronic side of things? ECU programming, reverse light wiring, can bus etc.. did you leave the TCU in?
  3. That doesn't sound like a bent rod to me, but it's hard to tell from above. If one did bend slightly, it could just be that enough material has ground off to stop the noise from happening.
  4. Nice work Theo!
  5. Goes with the NAV since it has the controls built into it. I have one. text me
  6. Parting out an 07 S60R GT with 58K miles. Black on Gobi. So far I have gutted the interior. I will be starting on the drivetrain this weekend. I'm keeping this engine but I do have a few others available. These are pickup only as are any other large items like wheels, doors, bumpers, seats etc. Once this is gone, I have an 04 S60R 6MT Black on Atacama that I will be parting. Don't get too excited about the Atacama, it's in rough shape! Call/text me at 250-514-six-zero-one-eight or send me a PM Mark Here's a few prices to start things off.. Also listing some of the other stuff from the basement that I'd like to get rid of.. Prices in USD Nav $400 shipped Tails $175 shipped Shifter/boot: $75 shipped Alu shifter surround: SOLD Calipers: $600 shipped 07 Gobi interior Excellent condition. (pickup only) $750 05 S60R Nordkap interior. Excellent condition. (Pickup only) $750 06 S60R Nordkap Partial interior. Leather in good condition. Missing carpet and arm rest. Driver seat had WHIPS activated (Pickup only) $400 S60R Eurosport tuning cat-back exhaust. Excellent condition. Pickup only $500 S60R IPD sway bars Good condition with new IPD lube. Pickup only $350 06 S60R rear haldex/diff/dem 80k miles $250 05 S60R head. 160k, complete. not overheated, but dirty. $200 Pickup only 05 S60R short block 160k. Not overheated. have not inspected for cracks, but would be good to sleeve. complete with crank, rods, pistons. Pickup only $200 05 Passion red V70R rear hatch with spoiler. Will no separate. tinted in excellent condition. Pickup only. $250 07 S60R Cluster. 58k: $140 shipped 07 S60R folding side mirrors. SOLD 07 S60R amp and cable: 120 shipped 07 S60R CEM (PN 30786476): 150 shipped 07 S60R REM (PN 30728512): 150 shipped 05 R euro/CDN cluster 100k km. $150 shipped 07 S60R fog light pair $150 shipped 07 S60R auto gas pedal (PN 30715175) $50 shipped
  7. no, but I don't see why you couldn't
  8. I put a helicoil in mine. M7x1.0 is available
  9. If that's the case, Iron Monkey needs to lay the smack down repeatedly until it is resurrected
  10. Trent's build thread has disappeared?
  11. Take the car out and bed the pads.
  12. Post more pics of your yellow on Volans. Mine needs tires and I thought of putting the Volans/tires off my 00V70R on it for a bit.
  13. Don't hold your breath. :D
  14. The S60R is insured. My wife drives it :) I just put a new motor/trans/turbo/angle gear/rad/driveshaft/axles/downpipe/exhaust in it. Last year I did all the suspension. That car should be good for some time now.