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  1. The Rockway Chronicles

    Congrats Val! Very jealous of your new workspce! Mine has now bcome my parking lot..
  2. 98R Steering Rack replacement

    You're making me feel like a lazy bastard. :lol:
  3. 98R Steering Rack replacement

    I need to do the rack in my 2000R and am also wondering the best place to get a rack. I want to go OEM because I don't want to get a cheapie and have it fail. Tasca has some but they're 895 plus $100 core. Local dealer says they're no longer available. They gave me four part numbers for 98-2000 awd, but only two are showing stock anywhere. 8601801 & 9461264  
  4. You should be grabbing the manual trans out of that car instead :)
  5. AWD M66 and Related parts for P80 xc swap.

    You just have to make a small plate to adapt the bolt spacing for the mounting bolts. You don't use the spaceball, you just put a P80 boot on it and whatever shift knob you want
  6. AWD M66 and Related parts for P80 xc swap.

    Why not just use the S60R shifter and cables?
  7. WTB : clutch pedal pieces

    check your pm
  8. manual wiring swap me7

    Yep. I did the wiring for the clutch switch but it didn't affect anything. Car still starts with pedal not depressed, no cruise control. Most likely due to the ecu.   Who will be doing your ecu? i'm looking for an alternative to my ARD modified auto tune. Hilton? Steve-o? John Williams?      
  9. Rear S60R brake calipers

    $275 shipped
  10. Rear S60R brake calipers

    $299US shipped
  11. Rear S60R brake calipers

    Then your car wouldn't look stock
  12. Rear S60R brake calipers

    $333 shipped
  13. 60k miles. $350US shipped
  14. Some RN swap questions

    Early NA RN cars had VVT in the intake, early turbo RN cars had VVT on the exhaust.