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  1. Hi I would use the FWD M66 if you can find one. If you do use the M56 then get the P2 version. For simplicity sake, I would use the S60R clutch and flywheel, any p2 manual pedals will work. Shifter and cables should match the gearbox. Then you will need the clutch master cly, clutch line. I'm not sure about the axles. You might get away with your original axles since it's fwd. You will also need ECU and CEM flash to manual. Check on swedespeed on the R forum. A lot of this stuff will be similar and there is a lot of info
  2. Honestly, I would just source an M66. Watch the auctions Auto Auctions: Search, Bid, Buy a Vehicle in Canada | IAA ( or source a swap from an R part out, or check I would use a T5 motor, preferably 2005+ The p80 M58 mounts differently than the P2 version. Also, the input shaft is smaller. Your auto axles also will not work for the manual trans. Internal slave all the way.
  3. I'm sure they have the option of map switching
  4. It really depends what your goals are and what you want to spend. -Get a stage 1 tune from hilton tuning -d088 intercooler is always a nice upgrade -downpipe/exhaust and stage 2 software the weak spot in these motors is the cylinder sleeves so beyond that i would consider shimming the block at minimum. you could do a hybrid turbo upgrade or you could go forged internals, darton sleeves, big turbo.. skys the limit really
  5. What % tint on the rear? I'm getting my black 04 V70R tinted and trying to decide how dark to go
  6. I used a 99 angle gear. I had originally bought cheap axles from IPD, the passenger one they offered at the time had seal locations for either 2000 or 99 angle gears. Both of those axles split boots so I just replaced them with OEM 99R axles that I pulled from my parts car. The problem I had initially was on the driver side. I had just bought the passenger axle thinking the 2000R driver side would work but it was totally different
  7. 2000R Angle gear wont work with M66 unless you can find a passenger axle that has the seal in the correct place. 2000R passenger axle won't fit M66
  8. I would pick up a new one piece exhaust manifold gasket and throw it on since you're at this stage. Sorry I missed it Andy but why are you taking the pan off?
  9. That's going to be a job a half! If only you had left your photobucket images, they would now still show.. just with the watermark
  10. what happened to the motor rob?
  11. I just pulled the headliner on my 2000 V70R to swap the sunroof. It's really not too bad to get out.
  12. For a limited time.. fuckers
  13. Three year thread revival! For some reason I'm now seeing all my pics again, did photobucket actually relink 3rd party hosting? Are the pics loading for everyone else? I've been doing lots of work/overhauling my P2Rs the last few years but still driving my S70 in the summer. This year I decided to insure my T-5R for a few weeks prior to swapping insurance onto my S70 for the season. It's my only automatic car and feels funny, but its fun just to cruise in. It does look like the rear main is leaking so a manual swap might be in order :) I already have all the parts. I'm going to turn the boost up a bit on the S70 this year and get my exhaust rattle fixed. lol