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  1. I had better luck messaging him on Swedespeed
  2. Check car with vida/dice ;)
  3. Does it ever start and immediately die? if so, check the harness at your IMMO. It's in the driver foot well on the steering column Have you always had the Hilton tune since you did the swap? Have you tried jumping the fuel pump relay?
  4. I replied to your FB post but yea, just pull the ECU and the harness splits in half so you can take the engine side of the harness out with the engine
  5. I found 7. sent you a PM
  6. aaand that is why I don't let shops touch my cars. lol Glad you got it together
  7. I have some. I'll dig a few out after work.
  8. I'm really only after the grill, but I'm guessing you want to keep it with the dash pad? Let me know if you want to part with it
  9. Did you get the car back yet?
  10. Is the center speaker/grill gone?
  11. If your dealer is like mine, they should be able to have one brought in pretty quick. Typically its overnight from California. Are you on the Alberta Facebook group? surely someone has one kickin around. If not, I'm sure I have one I could send you.
  12. Curious on your thoughts of the M58 once you get it together. The two M58 cars I've driven both felt sloppy as shit
  13. K24 and manual trans would have been on my list, but nice work either way.
  14. I replied to your thread on FB, but I need the center speaker grill! Mark