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  1. That's going to be a job a half! If only you had left your photobucket images, they would now still show.. just with the watermark
  2. How Your Car Sits

    what happened to the motor rob?
  3. V6 to V6 turbo

    What car are we talking about here? Anything can be made to fit, but likely more of a pain in the ass that it's worth. Trans isn't going to bolt up, you' need to fab mounts, non of the accessories will mount up, the computer wont run it. Sounds like more of a headache than its worth. Nothing wrong with the 5 cyl. it can make good power
  4. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    I just pulled the headliner on my 2000 V70R to swap the sunroof. It's really not too bad to get out.
  5. Project Blackt5

    For a limited time.. fuckers
  6. Project Blackt5

    Three year thread revival! For some reason I'm now seeing all my pics again, did photobucket actually relink 3rd party hosting? Are the pics loading for everyone else? I've been doing lots of work/overhauling my P2Rs the last few years but still driving my S70 in the summer. This year I decided to insure my T-5R for a few weeks prior to swapping insurance onto my S70 for the season. It's my only automatic car and feels funny, but its fun just to cruise in. It does look like the rear main is leaking so a manual swap might be in order :) I already have all the parts. I'm going to turn the boost up a bit on the S70 this year and get my exhaust rattle fixed. lol
  7. Eriks 850

    Did I sell you that wheel? I can't remember :D
  8. How Your Car Sits

    In the garage with the battery unhooked. The T-5R just sat for 18 months. I bought it but never actually drove it before. I have a bunch of batteries from all my different parts cars, so i'll typically throw in the best one I have. I often have to give them a bit of a charge first though.
  9. How Your Car Sits

    Drove my T-5R for the first time Took my S70 out to get some groceries and blow the dust off. It's been parked since Oct. Replaced the passenger side axle in my Laser
  10. Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Looks good Andy!
  11. How Your Car Sits

    No, it hardly ever snows here. I don't even drive that car in the rain anymore and the nice sunny dry days are becoming numbered. The insurance is almost up so i'll just put storage on it until next year
  12. How Your Car Sits

    Last time i'll drive her this year
  13. How Your Car Sits

  14. Updates/Bugs And Coupon Code

    If that's the case, Iron Monkey needs to lay the smack down repeatedly until it is resurrected
  15. Updates/Bugs And Coupon Code

    Trent's build thread has disappeared?