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  1. BlackT5

    RWD swapping a p2 v70

    Its a P2 for sure This one sounds glorious
  2. BlackT5

    RWD swapping a p2 v70

    There's Nisses RWD P2 V70 with T6 motor also
  3. BlackT5

    How Your Car Sits

    What % tint on the rear? I'm getting my black 04 V70R tinted and trying to decide how dark to go
  4. BlackT5

    1998 T5 ECU needed!

    You should be able to flash your 98 ECU with a T5 bin.
  5. BlackT5

    Hu850 wiring diagram
  6. BlackT5

    R parts compatibility questions

    But the rest of the trim on the 05+ is painted. The 04 rear bumper is ugly as fuck
  7. BlackT5

    R parts compatibility questions

    The 04 rear bumper has all the plastic trim on it, A downgrade from the 05+ rear bumper, even if yours isn't an R
  8. I was hanging onto this for when I Manual swapped my T-5R, but I just sold the car. Factory manual ECU from 96 850 Turbo. Tuned my MTE/IPD SOLD
  9. BlackT5

    Help lifter ticking

    ARD tune
  10. BlackT5

    Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Come try my IPD ECU :D
  11. BlackT5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    I used a 99 angle gear. I had originally bought cheap axles from IPD, the passenger one they offered at the time had seal locations for either 2000 or 99 angle gears. Both of those axles split boots so I just replaced them with OEM 99R axles that I pulled from my parts car. The problem I had initially was on the driver side. I had just bought the passenger axle thinking the 2000R driver side would work but it was totally different
  12. BlackT5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    2000R Angle gear wont work with M66 unless you can find a passenger axle that has the seal in the correct place. 2000R passenger axle won't fit M66
  13. BlackT5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    I would pick up a new one piece exhaust manifold gasket and throw it on since you're at this stage. Sorry I missed it Andy but why are you taking the pan off?
  14. That's going to be a job a half! If only you had left your photobucket images, they would now still show.. just with the watermark