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  1. Broke the 12 Second Barrier

    Nice work Theo!
  2. Goes with the NAV since it has the controls built into it. I have one. text me
  3. Parting out an 07 S60R GT with 58K miles. Black on Gobi. So far I have gutted the interior. I will be starting on the drivetrain this weekend. I'm keeping this engine but I do have a few others available. These are pickup only as are any other large items like wheels, doors, bumpers, seats etc. Once this is gone, I have an 04 S60R 6MT Black on Atacama that I will be parting. Don't get too excited about the Atacama, it's in rough shape! Call/text me at 250-514-six-zero-one-eight or send me a PM Mark Here's a few prices to start things off.. Also listing some of the other stuff from the basement that I'd like to get rid of.. Prices in USD Nav $400 shipped Tails $175 shipped Shifter/boot: $75 shipped Alu shifter surround: SOLD Calipers: $600 shipped 07 Gobi interior Excellent condition. (pickup only) $750 05 S60R Nordkap interior. Excellent condition. (Pickup only) $750 06 S60R Nordkap Partial interior. Leather in good condition. Missing carpet and arm rest. Driver seat had WHIPS activated (Pickup only) $400 S60R Eurosport tuning cat-back exhaust. Excellent condition. Pickup only $500 S60R IPD sway bars Good condition with new IPD lube. Pickup only $350 06 S60R rear haldex/diff/dem 80k miles $250 05 S60R head. 160k, complete. not overheated, but dirty. $200 Pickup only 05 S60R short block 160k. Not overheated. have not inspected for cracks, but would be good to sleeve. complete with crank, rods, pistons. Pickup only $200 05 Passion red V70R rear hatch with spoiler. Will no separate. tinted in excellent condition. Pickup only. $250 07 S60R Cluster. 58k: $140 shipped 07 S60R folding side mirrors. SOLD 07 S60R amp and cable: 120 shipped 07 S60R CEM (PN 30786476): 150 shipped 07 S60R REM (PN 30728512): 150 shipped 05 R euro/CDN cluster 100k km. $150 shipped 07 S60R fog light pair $150 shipped 07 S60R auto gas pedal (PN 30715175) $50 shipped
  4. no, but I don't see why you couldn't
  5. I put a helicoil in mine. M7x1.0 is available
  6. Updates/Bugs And Coupon Code

    If that's the case, Iron Monkey needs to lay the smack down repeatedly until it is resurrected
  7. Updates/Bugs And Coupon Code

    Trent's build thread has disappeared?
  8. Akebono Euro Ceramic

    Take the car out and bed the pads.
  9. V70R Engine in a XC70?

    Should be pretty straight forward, just leave the intake VVT disconnected.
  10. Clutch line

    lol. I got the gloves at Costco. They do tear a fair bit, but most do. Clutch line is still good :)
  11. How Your Car Sits

    Post more pics of your yellow on Volans. Mine needs tires and I thought of putting the Volans/tires off my 00V70R on it for a bit.
  12. Clutch line

    Just to close this off.. I took apart the slave piping on the old trans and there appeared to be a small blue piece beneath a black rubber seal. Looking at the piece on the new trans, it also had the same blue piece and rubber seal so I'm assuming the second blue piece that I found does not belong. I left it out, reconnected the line and re-bled the clutch. All seems to be working fine. The retaining clip seemed a little loose so I swapped on the old one and also added a few zip ties as a fail safe.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    Don't hold your breath. :D
  14. How Your Car Sits

    The S60R is insured. My wife drives it :) I just put a new motor/trans/turbo/angle gear/rad/driveshaft/axles/downpipe/exhaust in it. Last year I did all the suspension. That car should be good for some time now.