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  1. No, it hardly ever snows here. I don't even drive that car in the rain anymore and the nice sunny dry days are becoming numbered. The insurance is almost up so i'll just put storage on it until next year
  2. Last time i'll drive her this year
  3. M58

  4. There's only one thing I like short skirts on, and it's not my pistons.
  5. PM sent
  6. I didn't think Aaron did ME7? I'd look at Hilton tuning
  7. Looks great bud! I can't wait to see that turbo and manifold mounted in the engine bay
  8. not for a 98, sorry
  9. nope I have a spare set of black S70 doors, but only 3 left and I'm not pulling the trim off sorry I also have a complete 05 S60R Nordkap interior in very, very good condition. 800 cdn and a partial 06/07 Nordkap S60R interior. Driver seat had whips activated and no carpets or arm rest. 450 cdn
  10. Yes, but I'm going to try putting them on my 05.
  11. Sorry bud Just to clarify, I'm not looking to ship anymore items at the moment unless they're a reasonable size. This is to gauge interest in meeting me in Vancouver BC to grab parts.
  12. I have so many parts that I want to get rid of, but being stuck on Vancouver island often hinders my ability to sell larger items due to shipping costs etc. That and it's overwhelming to think about listing every last item and shipping it out. Unfortunately, my wife is now saying that I need to get rid of most of this shit or else. lol I'm thinking of borrowing my brother’s truck, loading it with parts and driving over to Vancouver in order to get rid of some stuff. If the interest is there, I'd love to make this happen in the next 2-3 weeks. The weekends are often quite busy with the ferries, but I understand some people work mon-fri so the weekend might be the only option. I'm going to try and think of as much stuff as I can off the top of my head... Lets see.. Prices in CAD deals on multiple items Tan 96 850R sedan seats front & rear $250 850R steering wheel $60 Tan 850R door cards $40 Red 850R sedan rear spoiler with brake light $100 IPD S60R sway bars lightly used. have new tube of IPD aqualube to go with $400 04 S60R rear diff/haldex/dem/axles 130k $250 06 S60R rear diff/haldex/dem 80k miles $300 07 S60R rear diff/haldex/dem/axles 57k miles $300 07 S60R auto trans TF-80SC 57k miles. pre valve body update iirc $400 04 B5254T4 w/120k miles $600 04 B5254T4 w/140k miles $500 Black leather 850 passenger seat manual good shape $60 96 850R auto trans w/105k miles $250 04 S60R trunk lid black $120 07 S60R trunk lid black $120 x3 17" pegs with snow tires $350 07 S60R navigation with screen/dvd//steering wheel/remote etc $350 07 S60R tails $150 04 S60R tails $90 04 R passion red front bumper with minor damage $250 05 S60R block/oil pan. potential cracked sleeve never overheated $200 05 S60R head/cams/cover never overheated but dirty $200 15G turbo from 96 850R 105k miles $150 04 S60R cluster(KM/H) $120 07 S60R cluster (MPH) $120 P80 R rear wagon seats charcoal $120 P80 rear wagon seats black leather $100 P2R hood passion red $200 P2R hood silver slight dent 3M $150 P2R front bumper silver some damage $150 P2R calipers set/4 $700 P2R exhaust manifold 100 05+ p2R center console no arm rest 100 P2R manual pedals P2R airbox P80 K&N filter Rear 850 wagon hatch black 100 so much more..Doors, fenders (black and silver mostly). alternators, sensors, floor mats,PEM, CEM, REM, ECUs, switches, clusters, wiring harnesses, dashboards you name it You can also text me at 250-514-six-zero-one-eight
  13. matt, that sucks man. Glad you're keeping a level head about it. I would honestly just start with another motor instead of risking cleaning your current one. As others have said, it's very difficult to clean out absolutely everything 100%. You can find 2.3 N motors pretty cheap and someone already offered one.
  14. I used these to connect to the fuel pump outlet and return inlet