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  1. Post more pics of your yellow on Volans. Mine needs tires and I thought of putting the Volans/tires off my 00V70R on it for a bit.
  2. Don't hold your breath. :D
  3. The S60R is insured. My wife drives it :) I just put a new motor/trans/turbo/angle gear/rad/driveshaft/axles/downpipe/exhaust in it. Last year I did all the suspension. That car should be good for some time now.
  4. Record breaking temps this week so I had to wash the currently daily. Insurance is running out soon and can't decide what car to insure and drive next :P
  5. Swapped out most of the drivetrain on my S60R for low k stuff I've been collecting from cars I've parted. Car has 267k kms, new parts have 100k-130k kms except angle gear which has 1600km :) Complete motor/trans/turbo/angle gear, downpipe, exhaust, drive shaft, axles and rad. Just a reminder to be weary about hoisting from the aluminum bracket. I've probably done 10 motors without issue but it was in the back of my mind after reading about it in someone's thread.. murphy's law and the old one snapped as soon as I started lifting. Luckily it didn't happen 5 feet in the air.
  6. Looks good Val! Enjoying your new workspace I see Did you put smaller brakes on the front? :P
  7. These guys make a nice titanium 996 exhaust but it aint cheap.
  8. Congrats Val! Very jealous of your new workspce! Mine has now bcome my parking lot..
  9. Gave a little attention to the yellow. Timing belt, Serp belt, spring seat, claybar/polish/wax. Cell pic sux
  10. It seems there's always somthing with these cars... I'm thinking of a new rack for my 2000R. The steering feels sloppy as F. It's like there's a dead spot at 12:00 and it's not so bad when you're driving slowly, but once you get on the hwy it's a bit sketchy. You can move the wheel back and forth slightly and the car isn't affected. Makes it hard to get a feel for the road. IDK if it's leaking but soemthing isn't right.
  11. Ain't nothin but a Volvo party.. I think it's time to upgrade the iphone 4. Pictures look like shit :lol:
  12. ^^ Exactly. I hope we get to see pictures of the deconstruction :)
  13. Get rid of that tan dash! Otherwise looks great man :)
  14. Bought two cars today! lol 99 NA manual parts car and I just couldn't pass this up... Canadian car.
  15. On the S60R: New 4C shocks/struts, spring seats, strut mounts, control arms, wheel bearing, end links. Car feels so much smoother and rides great now.
  16. The link you posted isn't working for me, but I just used the stock auto firewall grommit. I can't seem to find pics, but I just modified it to accept the second cable and then RTV'd the shit out of it to seal it. A bit ghetto but it did the trick. Can you not just use a P2R shifter/cables?
  17. BlackT5

    Project Blackt5

    Took it out for the maiden voyage last night. First impression.. it sounds incredible. A bit nervous as the remaining oil burnt off but the oil leak is fixed. It kept stalling when i'd let off the gas and rpms dropped too quickly, but adding some fuel in the lower rpms below idle solved that. I might need to raise the front struts up slightly since it still rubs quite a bit with 235s. Still need to have the dump tube routed back into the downpipe. For now the screamer pipe is in place but it's a tight fit and does rattle a bit under certain conditions. Also, the rear part of my exhaust occasionally vibrates on the rear ipd sway bar so that willl need addressing at some point. Still running the Siemens 630s and will need to upgrade to 1000cc injectors. Beyond that, i think the limiting factor will be the cly sleeves. Since i've barely driven the car in the last few years, i'm not going to push things too hard. Honestly if the motor gave out anytime soon, I would have very little motivation to fix it. Although, even driving it for a short time yesterday did remind me how nice it is to drive.
  18. BlackT5

    Project Blackt5

    All back together.. Idles perfectly now that the broken spark plug is replaced.