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  1. I had the same issue on my 850, John. We welded tiny dots along the v-band face (downpipe side) to help create higher pressure points and give it more grip. On the s60, there are hangers at the rear of the subframe so it isnt' an issue anymore.
  2. You should also contact Matt Farrah to see if he can shoot an episode of "Tuned" on the drive network to feature your car.
  3. :lol: it's all about waiting for the fun to begin!!
  4. I think that was the reason for my Southbend clutch(es) having so many clamping issues...wrong stack height. Either way; looks good John! Looking forward to videos but I'm really surprised that you smoked the clutch with the 707! Crazy torque or did you ride it too long?
  5. Exactly what I was going to ask, Jeff ^^^ Seems like a lot of people overlook the crossover tube to the cooler. Sounds like a main bearing to me...just went through this on a customer's s60R.
  6. Looks great John! You were using the P80 m56 or a P2 m56? Reason I ask...my m66 in the s60 rattles like a mofo after installing the quaife/bearings and running the Kalmar Union flywheel. Sorry for going off topic
  7. This is just what I wanted to read on my day off of work. Very cool and something I can see catching on. That 2-1 manifold adapter style is also used on 24V VR6-turbo kits . Do you think it's a good idea to upgrade your turbo? Seems like you'll run out of steam pretty quickly with the volume you need to push through it. :lol:
  8. Replaced the boost pressure sensor on the S60's intercooler last week. Vida was showing I had a couple psi at idle. It would reach peak boost and fall off instantly to 15psi or so at 4,000-4,500rpm. It already showed an improvement on the butt dyno but we need to retune it to make sure I can hit ninetyteen psi without falling off.
  9. I can't remember where your post is, but it went something along the lines of "Hi, I'm Ben and I have $6,000 under my hood and $500 in suspension." I believe my wheel choice would fit nicely in that statement :lol:
  10. Shift bushing conversion looks good Ben! Hussein, has it lessened the resistance during normal driving? ie: will my chances of finding 5th gear increase :lol:
  11. Tuning More specifically: boost by gear s60 whaaaaaaaat, yeah I said it.