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  1. Some please explain taxes in Sweden correctly?? When I did the math, I came up with 82%. What did I do wrong? Using a generic figure of 1000 to represent gross income 330 -----33% of 1,000 - Payroll Tax (Paid by Employer) 070 ----- 7% of 1,000 - Pension Tax (Paid by Employer) 256 ----- 32% of 800 (less pension & base ded.) - Municipal Income Tax 160 ----- 20% of 800 (less pension & base ded.) - State Income Tax -------------------- 816 Total or almost 82 percent!!!!!!
  2. As of Sat, Feb 3rd, 2007...,_2008 Details here... At this time, I am investigating... Mitt Romney - former Governor of Massachusetts Accomplishments: worked with Massachusetts Democrats to pass a healthcare plan for all citizens of Massachusetts, which to require individuals to purchase private, market-based insurance plans to have healthcare Mike Pence, U.S. congressman from Indiana would make an excellent vice-
  3. I find it amusing that those individuals who promote socialist ideals, feebly attempt to link those who fight socialism to leaders who were known for their socialist beliefs. Ironic, isn't it???
  4. To say this another way... Yes, Corporations actually pay all kinds of taxes to the local, state and federal governments -- property taxes, federal excise tax on each gallon of gas at the pump, and income tax on corporate earnings. However, Corporations view taxes as a cost of doing business -- tax expense. All tax expenses are passed on to the consumer in the form as higher prices for goods and services. Some tax expenses are direct costs and can be easily seen by the consumer. For example: Federal Excise Tax on Gasoline --------------------- 18.4 Cents/Gallon (14 cents Tru
  5. Measured by only sales revenue, Exxon/Mobil is the largest company in the world at 328 billion in global annual sales revenue. Wal-Mart Stores is the second largest at 312 billion. GM is the fifth largest at 192 billion. Ford is the seventh largest at 178 billion. DaimlerChrysler is the eigth largest at 177 billion. Toyota Motor is the ninth largest at 173 billion. General Electric is the eleventh largest at 149 billion. In 2005... Earnings Before Interest And Taxes... $59.9 Billion Interest Expense...............................$496 Million
  6. And did anyone notice that for the first time in U.S. History, the percentage of households being composed of traditional married couples has dropped below 50 percent?;ex=1318564800
  7. You may not like illegal immigrants. Your congressman may not like illegal immigrants. However, GW Bush is a very compassionate person and favors amnesty. It has been the conservative Republican senate that has prevented it thus far. Your party understands that the Hispanic community contributes a significate number of votes on each election day. We will see amnesty for illegal immigrants by the end of 2007. Besides, didn't the problem illegal immigration escalate during the Clinton Administration in the first place? Yes, and the problem with terrorism continued to grow in the si
  8. Am I the only one that remembers the good ole days of double-digit inflation (Home Mortgages at interest rates over 12%) and double-digit unemployment? Those were just some of the consequences of the actions of the Carter administration. Right now, the current inflation rate is between 2 and 3 percent... and the current unemployment rate is 4.4 percent... Oh And BTW... the Dow Jones Index is running at record highs -- over 12,000. I am going to crawl in a hole for 2 years and then
  9. 11-04-2006, 03:17 PM jameskbachman_guest It is not Mr. Rumsfeld who must go, but rather the failed strategy of training Iraqis to take over for U.S. troops. In some areas of the country, such as Kurdistan, the local militia is sufficient to defend the people. In others, the militias will have to have at it until a peace agreement is reached. In other areas, the training strategy may be working. It is counterproductive, at any rate, to keep expending lives and money on police and military who are not loyal to a unified Iraqi government, as the article implies. James K. Bachmann -------------
  10. From Old 11-04-2006, 01:40 PM Robert Alan_guest I read the editorial, and found its conclusion to be absurd, to say the least. So some retired generals don't like the way things are going. BFD! Their opinions are just that. Opinions. They are not gospel, and are of no more merit than anyone else's. And if they were so convinced that they are right, then why do they not have the courage to stand up and let us, soldiers and citizens alike, know just who they are? Why do they hide behind a cloak of anonimity? They are in no danger
  11. Please be more specific. What did you find that was not true?
  12. Please excuse the source that I used to support my answer. I don't have time to "google" more respected link... In other words, the official endorsed denomination in the Christian faith of Britain used to be the Roman Catholic church. This was dictated by the King (or Queen). This was true until 1509, when Henry the VIII established the Church of England. So out with the Roman Catholic church and in with one of the dominations of the Protestant Church. So, the folks who
  13. For those who wish to ask, seek, and knock and discover that the New Testament is a bit too difficult to read... Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel # Hardcover ISBN: 0310226465 # Paperback ISBN: 0310209307 Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis # Hardcover ISBN: 0060652888 # Paperback ISBN: 0060652926 Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis # Hardcover ISBN: 0
  14. You won't find any Inquistions or Crusades here. I have never attended any seminaries. I am not trying to become another Billy Graham. I am just an old cranky guy, who is now learning that the whole "Jesus is a myth" thing is -- well, a myth. I am just defending my original statement -- nothing more...