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  1. Nice work, that's one of those things that you probably won't notice by itself but when you start to add it all up it makes a difference. I'd expect it will make the turbine outlet slightly more efficient, and any pressure drop after the turbine is multiplied by the turbine expansion ratio and becomes backpressure.
  2. Okay I looked through more of the thread, sorry. Do you have readings from your IAT sensor for the above run? Seeing as your intercooler is on the small-ish side I wonder if you're heat soaking it sometimes.
  3. Wow do you usually see 5 deg spark advance? That's pretty low...
  4. You should read this: http://www.profblairandassociates.com/pdfs/RET_Bellmouth_Sept.pdf As for runner tuning you can calculate with some degree of accuracy what rpm you get a tuning effect in your runners using RPM for peak torque = 642 x c x [ SQRT (S/[L x V] ) ] x [ SQRT { (CR-1)/ (CR+1) } ] = 218,280 x [ SQRT (S/[L x V] ) ] x [ SQRT { (CR-1)/ (CR+1) } ] where c = speed of sound (remember to account for IAT), S = runner cross-sectional area, L = runner length, V = displacement per cylinder, and CR = comp ratio. This is a simplified formula, as the plenum also acts as a resonator and has an effect- I'll try to find the formula for that, I have it somewhere. You can get within about 500 rpm with these calculations, at least that's what I've seen comparing it to 1D engine simulation in Ricardo WAVE. The other thing engine simulation tells you about is secondary resonances that change the VE at other rpms and can have a large effect on overall torque curve shape. I haven't seen the inside of that plenum before, thanks for sharing. It's hard to guess what's going on inside a plenum without 3D CFD- there are vortices that can pop up and ruin air distribution or standing waves at certain rpms, but if you copied the stock shape somewhat that's the least risk, you'll probably be fine. My favorite plenum is the one Audi used on the LMP R8.
  5. I'm a bit late to the party, but I was wondering if you're planning on doing a back-to-back dyno comparison with that intake you made? I'm interested to see what effect all those changes will make. Just from decreasing runner length and increasing runner ID, your top end will improve at the expense of mid-range, but I have no idea what that plenum shape will produce. I'd be a bit worried about getting some strong resonances off that flat wall facing the runner inlets at certain RPMs screwing with your cylinder to cylinder distribution. That's why most plenums you see have curved walls, besides it being a more efficient shape strength-wise.
  6. yeah time to get that thing dirty....mountain bikes aren't supposed to be that clean! :P
  7. DMR 4130 steel frame, Pike air U-Turn fork($$$$$)(145 psi!), Holzfeller crankset, Saint brakes 8" front 6 rear, saint rdr, saint hubs, rhyno lite rims, Holy Roller tires for summer.... I'm pretty proud of it Eats 5 foot drops for breakfast, I can climb if I want tho too.
  8. I think Volvo still has to give their permission for a race team to use their cars? I dunno. But what sane race team would use a Volvo for their car anyways without Volvo sponshorship/backing when you can run Porsches or Mustangs or something that's easy to make fast lol...
  9. Does Volvo's main customer base even care one bit about racing though? Maybe they can draw a thousand people at most from racing exposure, but if they think that their time/money is better spent elsewhere then they're going to do that... Maybe Volvo doesn't even think racing is a necessary part of their image. Have you seen any of the recent commercials for the S80? That type of person that they're trying to sell to through those commercials probably has no idea what a turbo is besides what the salesman told them...
  10. link? google no findy.... edit: nvm..... its cx racing...:rolleyes:
  11. I think there should be a limit to the text too- maybe the same height as the sig pic? So the whole signature can't be taller than 300 pixels
  12. 50% of the people who voted, yes, but we all know that's not a terribly accurate sampling of the population.
  13. Ever thought that no one wants to hear the conservative viewpoint so no one shows it?
  14. Can't wait to see results of the build! One question- What size is your intercooler core?
  15. 993 turbo also used sequential turbos like the setup described about the MKIV supras, except the second turbo was larger and the exhasut flow to the smaller turbo cut out when the bigger one started making boost. The new 997 turbo uses dual turbos in parallel with vatn technology, which is a lot like the 993 turbos except less complicated and more efficient. Before vatn, the sequential turbo set up was the best for less turbo lag, but now who needs it when you can use both turbos for both low-end and high-end? Its much better to have a less complicated system, less to go wrong and much easier to tune properly.