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  1. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Nov 24 2005, 01:37 PM) ←Happy Thanksgiving Alex Alex, Grant, Chuck, and every one on VS Have a happy thanksgiving, and remember what we are all thankful for
  2. yeah but now i dont have my credit cards, military id, atm card or drivers licence
  3. got twisted last night, woke up late for work, lost my wallet, got bouligerant with a guard while comming back on base, puked like 3 times (very painful projectile type). Now i feel like crap, all in all, a good night
  4. To salute all officers, and all colors and standards not cased.- marine corps 10th general order. the only time we salute inside is when you wear a cover indoors ie: Duty, ceremonys, or under arms. none of this senior officer crap, and when i was in japan we didnt salute the japanese natl anthem, but you do stand at attention, but proper customs and curtisies, right hand over the heart