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  1. Hey Cranky... nice to see someone else in Nashville

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  3. Dang - - - how many people are going to say the same thing????? Look - people pretty well want cheaters punished - weve established that. But the entire NASCAR rulebook is about the size of a checkbook. LOTS of "grey" area. Does anyone remember Jeff Gordon's car getting impounded because he nearly lapped the field? Then they said He's cheating - then they said ok, he wasn't cheating, and we're not going to fine him, but don't bring a car like that to another race, and so they added a rule to ban whatever it was Ray had done to his car? That is what really good mechanics and crews do - they find ways to make the car fast, and unless is spelled out in black and white, and says "YOU MAY NOT DO _____"...... Then why NOT bend the rules, or find ways to make the car faster that is not specifically prohibited? Obviously what was done to Waltrips car - is cheating and they got caught and punished - argue the punishment if you like, but not every time someone is fined or punished, was cheating the full intent. I feel better now...... Cranky
  4. It pisses me off to no end, that the Mexicans come here - not to be Americans, but to be Mexicans, and then demand American privileges. With that said, our sorry political leaders and activist judges - BOTH "D" and "R" should be fired! G. Gordon Liddy for president!
  5. Thank you starfish! ------------------------------------------ Why is it that stories like this aren't all over the 5pm news? People who "get it" know why. I am a conservative. I do not agree with everything GB is doing. I would have voted for a better guy in the last election, but my ballot didn't offer anyone better - so I voted the best I could. If you believed everything J Kerry said, then you could have only agreed with him 50% of the time - Cranky ps. even some of my hard core, life long, Dem friends voted for Bush because there was no one else to vote for.