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  1. posted up the details on a new for sale thread about my car for sale

  2. yea i have all the info on my sig and the photos are going to be posted in my garge page also

  3. yea im int4erested. haha, you have any pics and more info?

  4. aight soo, what year and model are the t5s' off of...

  5. you will like those endlinks have had them on my car for a year now and love then great for the money
  6. is that a supercharger is see in the picture if so mad props for doing it
  7. CO.T5M

    Project Pras

    looks really good lot for work done and your leaving wow
  8. nice making some good progress
  9. looking good how much longer til you get it in the car
  10. this car is dying for a new home!!!
  11. see guys great price great car whats the prolbem
  12. cars forsale cars forsale cars forsale buy it buy it buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. come on guys pick this up i will take it anywhere for ya!!
  14. your going to be just fine with the horn off the car just get them back on for safty reason!