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  1. Elderly gentleman tapped my rear bumper while I was a stop sign causing significant damage in the bumper cover. Knowing that the rear bump had previsously been resprayed, I decided to strip it to bare plastic in order to avoid unnecessary build up of of paint product. Chemical stripper at work, here you can see the multiple layers of paint Off it goes Steel brush to help the process along Here you can see the imprints from the license plate bracket nuts from the car that hit me. Bumper sanded with 80 grit on DA. Dishing out the damaged area 3M Plastic parts repair epoxy 3 Coats of 2K Primer sanded down 150 Wet 3 more coats of 2K primers sanded 400 Wet 3 Coats of Base / 3 Coats of high solids clear Body lines / Edges masked for protection in preparation for wetsanding
  2. Passenger side fender was tapped in a parking lot (no pics). Instead of repairing the damage, replacement fender was purchased from forum member As the fender was being test fitted I noticed several imperfections -dimples along the top body line (Previous owner claimed perfect condition) Looks like bodywork is unavoidable after all. Sanded down to bare metal and discovered that the fender was worked on before Body filler applied over bare metal / 80 grit scratches Chese grater at work Glaze applied over body filler, sanding 180 dry Sealer applied to cover filler / bare metal Entire fender sealed, ready for base coat Base coat / clear coat applied, straight out of the gun Back on the car for wetsanding with the bodyline masked. (1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 dry Abralon Pad on rotary), 3 Stage compound / polish to follow
  3. I would get a test panel (preferably a hood) and practice practice practice before spraying. Get your gun travel / overlap down before moving to the real thing. Unfortunately, the old C70 bumper is sold. Fiberglass splitter purchased in group buy Damage in fiberglass, empty pocket Sanded out Patch material applied, set to cure overnight Feathered out read for primer In 2K Primer, ready to be wetsanded and base coat / clear coat
  4. Correct, to take care of the small nicks I would use the following repair process: 1. Sand damaged area down to bare plastic with 80 grit. 2. Clean area with Wax and Grease Remover 3. Spray adhesion promoter 4. Apply plastic filler like 3M 5895 Plastic Repair or Evercoat Polyflex Glazing putty (if the nick isnt deep) 5. Block sand filler, leave with 180 grit scratches 6. Ready for primer
  5. Love the intergrated wiper deletes, yours came out great! Sprayed 1 Coat Epoxy Primer, Blocked down 150 Wet 2 Coat of 2K Primer, Blocked down 400 Wet Wiper Deletes need more glaze and block sanding 2 More Coats of 2K Primer and final sand 600 Wet before base coat 3 Coats of basecoat 3 Coats of High Solids Clear, Finish is straight out of the gun Like glass Regardless of finish quality, I will cut & buff. 1500 / 2000 / 2500 Wet all by hand and 3000 Grit Abralon pad on the DA sander
  6. Underside crack in need of repair Cut and drilled out Filled with 3M 5895 Plastic Repair and blocked with 80 grit dry License plate holes filled with 3M 5895 Plastic Repair (backside is patched) Dry sanded with 80 Grit Wiper delete plugs installed and block sanded flat Bumper fully prepped for 1st coat of Epoxy Primer
  7. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it but maybe next year! Ordered wiper delete plugs from Hallsjostyling in Sweden. Between shipping, currency conversion, and the fact that I will be working with more R bumpers in the future I decided to make a mold and reproduce the wiper delete Prepped with 80 grit scratches 3M Plastic Repair material to bond the delete plug to the bumper Nice fit R Bumper from a laser blue prepped with 80 Grit paper -deleting the license plate holes as well
  8. Premium sound with the center dash speaker, no leather door panels.
  9. Chronicles of my build......much detail around the work performed (lots of pics) Goals: Body & Paint Suspension Stage 0 Brakes As purchased 2 years ago. Black Interior / Factory 5 Spd / 112K on the clock First on the list, V70R bumper but I first want to get a color match on the paint. So, test spray the under-hood strut tower brace for a comp. Cleaned up to bare metal and in the booth ready to get hit with epoxy primer for the first coat Base Coat: Base coat applied Clear Coat gassing out in the sun We have a match Test spray out card confirms as well
  10. Can someone please explain to me the difference between Alex Peppers OBD-II reader, the Draper Reset Tool, and Vol-FCR. Advantages/Disadvantages My SRS light is on and I need to reset it before I take my car in for inspection (which is already overdue, got a $50 ticket yesterday!) Im wondering what is the best product to purchase for my purpose. I currently do not have an OBDII reader. Thanks for the info.
  11. Recent email response to my inquiry from Alex Pepper: "Will support the check engine and SRS light, reset and codes. No support for 98 service oil change interval light. Alex Peper Car Code www.obd-2.com"