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  1. Hardwire Digital Delay, and a Barber B-Buff in a box that I put together, and my Bluesbird...
  2. I rekon you missed my last comment... Oh, how I wish I could ride! I got the frame the day after I broke my wrist. I built that bike up with my left hand (I'm a righty) and a gimp right hand in a cast.
  3. The frame on that Iron Horse I posted earlier in this thread had butta-soft dropouts, and the axles were bitching them up pretty bad. Here's my 19" Jamis Dakota AL frame I got from JensonUSA. The frame weighs in at 4.06 lbs with the seat collar. Build Specs... fork: Manitou Minute :03 100mm headset: Cane Creek S3 skewers: Salsa crankset: Shimano LX M-580 175mm rear derailleur: Shimano LX M-580 long cage, low normal front derailleur:Shimano LX M-570 top-swing shift/brake levers: Shimano LX M-580 dual control cassette: Shimano LX M-580 11-32T chain: Shimano HG-73 cables: SRAM Flak-Jackets brakes: Avid BB7 stem: Race Face Deus XC 110mm x 5* handlebars: Answer Pro-Taper carbon 1" rise grips: Oury seat: WTB LaserV Ti seatpost: RaceFace Deus XC wheelset: Mavic Crossland UST tires: Hutchinson Scorpion 2.0 UST pedals: Time ATAC XC Carbon ..if my wrist wasn't busted, I could actually enjoy this thing :(
  4. Mikep, yes, those are BB7's... I just installed a 6" rear rotor & bracket, as the 8" rear was overkill, and about 140 grams heavier! We're big Oury grip fans here, been using them for 10+ years. My Kid just got some Lime Green one's for his Ibex
  5. Here's my MTB, an Iron Horse Maverick with a few upgrades EDIT: the Maverick was dismantled, and now lives on a Jamis frame Here's my Son on his brandy-new Ibex Ignition... Here's my cobbled together El-Cheapo, buzz around the neighborhood bike, made up spare parts accumulated over the last decade or so,
  6. without a doubt, pfeener always friendly and very helpful, not a popular "character" here, but he instills the essence of what this site is all about. AlvinL is right up there, too, but he's a Mod
  7. Way too much pissing and moaning about these "Sigs" Help someone out with a Volvo-related problem, instead of crying about your precious pictures.
  8. First death threats, now extortion. So much Hate
  9. I am not computer savvy... What is my cache, and how do I clear it? :rolleyes:
  10. carl, ...and then there's the way you "stuck" your SPAM into Greg's (Slater's) group buy thread :angry:
  11. WTF! you most likey mangled the tapered hole in the spindle. I don't know what to tell you except stay the hell away from it with a drill bit! If the tapered stud on the tie rod end doesn't fit snugly into its mating hole in the spindle, you will have to replace your spindle. Nice going <_<
  12. So...when you South & Central Ct guys figure you'll be going through Sturbridge on the I-84/I-90 interconnect? I can loiter around there 'till you guys come through
  13. Volvo PNP is $110 from FCP... I personally wouldn't wate my time and money on the "az" pnp ;)
  14. Bummer How's the fluid look? How's the fluid level?
  15. anything is possible, given enough time & money. you will be breaking new ground with that modification.
  16. I'm going... I'll be getting on the Mass Pike in Auburn. Rekon I'll register when I get there, and park on the lawn?
  17. You implied that you operated a 16 bay Volvo indy shop. Is that correct? If this is true, are you going to publicly offer a <$500 downpipe? :monkey:
  18. There is such a small Volvo aftermarket/performance niche, that it's great to see a company bring out products for the Volvo enthusiasts... ...then you have a parade of VS-assclowns that have to talk shit about those companies that do invest the time & money...time and money spent to make it better for all of us in the not-so long run. Want to do-it-yourself? Search through junkyard and eaby, piecing together your "dream car"? Cool for you, but there's no need to knock down those that make the parts packages easily & readily available for those who simply "want it that way" So much Hate