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  1. Do it man. I scare myself with the parts I buy for several projects lol.
  2. I have a few recommendations, ​Look into a Tissot T033, with the ETA 805.112 Quartz, sapphire crystal and a nice 38mm case. The only issue I had with my Danish piece (Skagen), was that the titanium case got scratched easily, and most don't come with sapphire crystals. But other than that, great watch! Seiko 5 sports, Automatic mov't (4r36), big nice 43mm case. Citizen Avion or the Black IP with their famous eco-drive (I really like wearing this one), Avion has a big 45mm case. A nice Swatch Irony would also fit the bill, and you can't never go wrong with a sturdy, reliable Swatch! I'm not sure what to feel about their system 51, mine gains about 5s a day,has some quirks. Too bad they didn't stay with their supper ETA automatic movement. Oh and last but not least, the AVI-8 is also a nice piece, come in quartz and mechanical. Their automatic movements consist of the solid Japanese MIyota movement. Good luck!
  3. I will , I'm about to add freaking rare a$$ piece to the Omega collection . Never seen one in person, is a Omega Ranchero, and has some pretty neat history. Gorgeous Tag! I just moved a few back to the apts since I'm running out of storage space, at least with watches they all fit betweeen my safe and dresser lol
  4. Very interesting, it uses the Ronda 505.24h, which is like the quartz version of the 2893 GMT movement (0 to 24hr scale). I think I still have one, adjusting the time has its quirks, the slightest movement of the crown could be a 15-30 minute increment. Doesn't like to run backwards to adjust, only forward (same as Fortis watches) I believe. It is best to time it to the 30 min or hour mark. I'll put it on my list and let you know when I receive it, should be fun to own it.
  5. 3 of the latest addition, first a Swatch found in mint conditions from a collector. Second, a freaking estate find with all original package, and another Tag to my Heuer collection, the iconic Formula 1. And third, and one I've been trading on / off, but wanted a black dial with 18ct gold markers, and finally found one worth buying. 1959 (I believe) Oysterdate ref 6694, caliber 1225 mechanical watch. Although is not chronometer certified, at first it measured at 10 seconds slow, but after my watch guy took a look its about +1 a day . Definitely a timepiece worth keeping for my Rolex collection. Not a flashy one, just a nice piece to wear, very light and classic look. I actually bought it with the intentions of giving it to my son when graduates High School lol. Still looking for more semi-rare pieces out there, so stay tuned !
  6. Lol, as matter of fact I do , I get scared having anyone doing repairs in my place. I have a Rado collection as well, I will gather all and post pictures.
  7. Going to revive this thread with some of my timepieces, quartz or not timepieces are timepieces. I just really LOVE mechanical watches, and have worked with a friend who is a horologist for ages. I inherited a Rado Captain Cook when I was 12, and that's when this passion of collecting watches started. Timepieces are not to brag about, while having a cocktail. To me they are magnificent tools, ones to measure the one thing we as humans value so much, time. Here are a few, ESQ his and hers - Interesting enough, mine was purchased in 1994 (first watch purchased by me) and when I married my wife in 2004, I found hers on ebay. Baume & Mercier capeland - wife's Tag Heuer - (1) 1000 diver, several (5) professional 200meters (some of my best watches). 1996 Tag Heuer Link SEL - SS and brushed steel 1995 Tag Heuer Link SEL 18kt gf / Ss - Tag Formula 1, have pretty much 2 Chronos and one regular one Carrera Some of my vintages - 1970 Girrard-Perregaux 1960's Girard-Perregaux 14kt solid gold 1923- 10kt Solid Gold Benrus - with a gorgeous running 17jewels movement. 1940 Orator - Love this thing! 1950s Longines 10kt white gold 1980 Citizen Aqualand Omega- 1958 - Seamaster runs amazing cal 601 1980 - 18kt Solid bar constellation cal 1343 1984 - seamaster cal 1342 1955 - Deville cal 925 ( i think lol ) 1965 - Constellation 14kt Some of my rare pieces - - Wakmann Regate Lemania 1341 - Wakmann with an Alarm - Not so rare but cool, Seiko with a Valjoux mvmt. My son with part of Swatch collection, got to start them young lol. Rolex Wife's Date - Mint conditions, previous owner wore it once and put it in a safe . Air king - pictured next to my other Tag with a nato strap Modern Omegas - Seamaster Cal 1120 Seamaster Co-Axial 2220.80 with this cousin lol, Datejust II Cal. 3136 I'm sure I'm forgetting just about 10 or so more watches, I recently began with some Jaeger's (doing some service to them). Not pictures are the following, once back from my safety box, I'll get a few more pics. Tissot Heuer (can't find the darned thing ) Movados (4) Breitling Girard-Perregaux Rado (3) Oris Omega Speedmaster Cal. 321 Omega Dynamic Rolex Datejust Rolex Submariner Tag Heuer carrera. Still on my list to get are a Vacheron constantin, and a vintage Piaget with a bumper movement (very solid watch).
  8. sounds good, let me know if you need some help looking. You sound like me back when I got my first SMP, now about 5-6 smp's later lol
  9. Warren, congrats and welcome to the Omega family !
  10. Cargo cover from a junked 850r wagon, it was in a volvo box. And a 850R front bumper, not a single scratch, crack, just dirty. Both for 25 bucks .
  11. i'm glad this vr is going to another Vs'er, it was either this or a '07 urban 4runner for me. Guess I'm going to make some some trips to the offroad store lol.
  12. Lol why is it that no one believe Kevin? Shut I believe it, since I'm the one he sent a nice wad of cash to ....
  13. Can't seem to be stopping buying watches lol, surprised the wife with a lil find to match mine.
  14. Yeah lol, from estate sales, I picked up the most unique finds this way.
  15. ^^ he needs to set up a shop in the U.S ASAP
  16. $$$ on watch service, and new mainspring on my 70 year old Orator. Guy ticks stronger than any of my other mechanical watches lol. Picked up two Tag Heuer as well, mint conditions. LOve collecting these . This is about a month old but also picked me up a mild modded '00 manually swapped Glt, just threw ipd sways, has orange konis and ipd blues. Going to make this a quick one.
  17. Ahh, too bad we'll be back in August , otherwise we would have met up.
  18. thanks man, yeah I've decided to bring them back to their glory.
  19. Already drove them in the rain, no issues at all.
  20. Got them from Phil, he bought them while stationed in Germany.
  21. I can't still believe what I deal I got on these . Just got them today, very light wheels. True split rims After a quick wash with some wheel cleaner, with take them apart and give them a proper wash and polish.
  22. Cool! Man, too bad they don't sell the brackets by themselves . Those calipers can be had very cheap, I was after the brackets in '04 but I gave up. Ordered the those floating rotors, but returned them because I had no need for them. Post pics when you install them!
  23. Lol, we all do. Just bought these for a steal , no bends or cracks, iforged sprint. Manual ?