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  1. These guys , 1 manual and the other two automatics, Sapphire crystals lenses, all running. From a estate sale, there's also a hublot and two vacheron but crap those are $$$$... Manual Tissot Nice watch, have a few Tissots myself.. Enjoy it! I love them!!!
  2. Oh, Justin.. lol.. if I only cared hahhaha... but a/w.. this is for export only, we got 3 e55's, one '99 the others are 2004. this one was bought for the engine and da brakes. lololo. Can you say, amg powered volvo? lololol
  3. Until I see a FWD, RWD conversion then everything will pretty much be the same , it's like pegs, comets, hid's... lol
  4. LOl, justin what's your car count like? I'm at 6 volvos this year, you're prolly at 6 volvos per month ... too bad other car manufacturer don't count, I'm at 46 toyotas this year all exported off course :)
  5. but but but, i no did any.. it just started to slip :(
  6. hmm.. i always wondered what the diff was between convertable and convertible :P
  7. Destroyed yet another clutch .. 707 on the way, then ball bearing GT T, then lsd install and this and that, then Idk wtf else to change
  8. :o breaking news you guys...
  9. +2 YES! Gregg I have nothing else to say!
  10. I like Obama for taxing the crap out of rich folks and share it with the rest of us a/w/ Yeah, Venezuela is going to kick our ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD :P
  11. he-he-he! J'm'en calisse - Hostie @ please make everythn stop mvoin
  12. <-- what a joke, shut I'm running for President :lol:
  13. just decided on Gt35R turbo and tubular manifoldo!
  14. BINGO, didn't know this thread existed. AIG is next, Oh, and bought shares at .36 , better go and check it it could be .29 today lol....
  15. Aren't you white? Dude I take no offense in this kind of topic, I just wanted you to elaborate a little bit more on your comment, that's all.
  16. sooo, what do you call Argentinians, Spaniards, Uruguayans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc... who have the exact same skin color as you guys ?
  17. WOW Priceless! holy crap, the dude is LOST!
  18. she's gorgeous! you must be very happy, ! man, just bought me some trail mix - nothing fancy but they were planters at least
  19. wow, well said. I also served and I agree with your statement, you sound mature!