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  1. BINGO, didn't know this thread existed. AIG is next, Oh, and bought shares at .36 , better go and check it it could be .29 today lol....
  2. Aren't you white? Dude I take no offense in this kind of topic, I just wanted you to elaborate a little bit more on your comment, that's all.
  3. sooo, what do you call Argentinians, Spaniards, Uruguayans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc... who have the exact same skin color as you guys ?
  4. WOW Priceless! holy crap, the dude is LOST!
  5. she's gorgeous! you must be very happy, ! man, just bought me some trail mix - nothing fancy but they were planters at least
  6. wow, well said. I also served and I agree with your statement, you sound mature!
  7. may I has your Saff now ? I love when goodies show up, lol..
  8. :o where you get that bad boy? wanna sell? arm wrestle for it? lol.. :P
  9. big man. Just throw a Manual ECU and you're set, unlike the 99+, I wish mine was that easy :(
  10. Aaron soo... What was it? I know with you guys it was a matter of time. Pras looked like he was about to MDK Pras, I'm glad you got it running bro'.
  11. Pras, u too stayed wit little nicky? Sorry my apartment is still a mess, more than welcome to stay in the couch tho Btw, I must admit, Pras and Aaron's wagons will be the baddest / fastest Volvos in the US . I'm just lucky to be a witness to all this, lol...
  12. okey, lali -lah- lalilah - polilaha jajilla - laljia -- pop-- :lol:
  13. balllllin' hahaha. mama yo kiero! mais cervezA :lol:
  14. True, just like they did with the 850R / S70R.. Actually waited a while to bring the R line back in. I think it's better that way, now I have to find me an '04 V70R to complete my collection, lol. stuff that is a good idea!!!
  15. Illegals, well... I don't like to say I hate ppl in general but, crap they get on my nerves. A lot of ppl say that only Mexicans are illegal, but I want to say that about 45% of ppl crossing the border are Central Americans. If illegal parents have kids here, should they deport or make the kids illegal also? I also agree with what Dave said, those illegals DO work the fields. Mostly for things that we put in our plates, vegetables and such... I like having these dual citizenship crap "not a citizen of this country" it gives me the feeling of having a home, when I my dad brought me here, I remember him telling me 'just for a year son, that was 13 years ago, lol...
  16. Evolve car just featured in another car mag. I think is the February edition of.. crap...., I forgot. a/w it claims to have 430 hp, and suppper dupper fast.
  17. I hate when ppl hide and dont want to face the music ! If that's the case, hit them with everything you have, regardless if they have promised you anything. Please let us know which mag, I'd def like to read about this.