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  1. IDK man, but I'm still sensitive about the whole 9/11 thing. Def not something that I'd to see ppl joking around with.
  2. I'm one of them! I've always ignored those Psychological babbler BS'ers, that stick their noses in CNN and such... Whose decisions and opinions are solely based on a good TV report. I agree with what you said Ps....It's funny when you guys get screamed at in OCS, I spend 3 mos in Quantico , nothing but Ssgt's yelling at whole bunch of future
  3. Ok, mebe a little off topic, but couldn't resist to ask USMC, did you go to Iraq? Just wondering, I hope I dont get suspended or none of that crap .
  4. Good deal for someone looking at just, paying - installing. But unfortunately there are A LOT of ppl here drive Volvos by default, cheapos! Drive Volvos and want performance parts to be at the level of Honda tuning . But for someone to just pay and get all of these great parts and not to worry about CEL's and big f'ups this is the way to go. Too bad, I have other responsibilities if not I'll go pick me up another 850R just to play with. Kudos to IPD, I also liked the video B)
  5. oy , coldpizza hmm...but ma wifey no like the me now... i wanna fight, who is talkin shiite bout TXC, txc ppl keep it real evveryone is soooo cool, out der tooo many whiners pansies..
  6. Good luck kiddo, please tell your family to forward me your address to , I'll make sure to writte man you're going to feel pretty home sick, but just put up with it! my hat is off to you. God bless!
  7. Please Nick refresh my memory, are you leaving today to boot today?
  8. Take my word when I say this, in my 28 years I've drank A LOT of stuff but neva something like what you gave me, good stuff mr Drew !
  9. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Sep 15 2006, 07:46 PM) ←That's Reid getting himself ready for when I come for a visit JUST KIDDING! Umm k, grosssss ! Reid sry for that 'bro but yeah the company already bought a TDI Jetta which I'll driving while in Pharr, I wish I had a choice but Drew understand, besides after that I could still come up there any weekend to chill, but next year the word is there will be at least 4 850's puttin down 400 ++ ! NO B$! Once AJ "COOL GUY" finish his then mine will follow :D
  10. Yes it is, what's going on man it's me Juan we met on Wednesday. Welcome aboard !
  11. Crap, company is planning on sending me to Pharr from the 19th to 26 ! but mucho dinero will come from this , still I wanna come to the meet
  12. I don't I got free insurance from work, Tribeca insurance is the one that sucks. I declined the goverment check because there are others that need it more than I do. I know where you're getting at but I've had 5 surgerys at VA's Hospitals trying to fix my ankle, when I tried to get a REAL Effin' Doctor Tribeca would not cover it.
  13. Man, '98 XC70 are starting to look like my next car, Rod yours looks really GOOD!
  14. Althought is my loaner, I absolutely LOVE this thing, it's got a little bit of get up and go!
  15. Same here, I have about 3 "Repaired" fractures, and my coverage SUCKS ! some Veterans get treated like shyt. my .02
  16. wait a tick,,, so u comin ??? sweet! try to meet up next wednesday wit me n John!
  17. Dont get me started, I can rig some good stuff :ph34r:
  18. I say we ALL crash at Drew's place, but I'm pretty sure Reid is working with some pretty arse pics of his mansion right now...
  19. B)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Plan B @ Sep 7 2006, 06:33 PM) ←</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec--> wanna race wagons hey thanks again for the hook up Drew And no I am not picking the car up, it was cheaper to ship it.
  20. WOW very very good Reid! so.. is Grant comin down to pick up teh car?... I think its enough miles for the new XC to break in...
  21. Oh you cald me a liar ... lol I hadn't press send :P
  22. :o DAngit! man that looks awesome...CRAP! man that looks like a sick project...good one man !