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  1. stuff I went down to this place here in Houston and the lady did know Jackshit in english either, am like what do you speak woman, she goes LAN LON LINDUGY JOI she was Japanese....
  2. WOW def a tough subject ! I'm also an immigrant, there are many people who deserve the chance but hey is like this; evreybody pays a ticket to see a ball game right? you can't just jump the fence and expect everyone to be cool about it ! My . 02 ..... JV/
  3. WOW ! UAE has money that's a first. Come on, so you also knew that 911 was funded bu UAE based companies? I hate to sound like I dislike that country, I don't. But I'd hate to see what can happen in their hands, it should be owned and operated by US based companies, don't you think? Oh here's a fact for you, 'cause I happened to work on there along time ago' and the fact that my brother still export and import a lot of goods in and out of the country, but a/w back sometime ago, Port of Miami only checked 1 out of 10 containers. Now, even my brother tells me how incredibly insecure the ports are, so some people are right and some are wrong, but IMO I don't think that this is a smart move, and even now so if any terrorist would like to bring some of their stuff in, they would have all the access that they want. And If this an act of just two companies why is it then that the congress and the president are in on this? if it was only a company buying out another company (I mean that exactly how some people are making it out to be right?) Another thing on the news this morning thru a national poll it showed that 90% of AMERICANS not the MEDIA disagree in such negotiation. And this is to all of you that like to point out alot of crap and say nothing but crap about generalizing, ok back in the desert, some MOFO came up and started talking giberish! now there was a 50/50 that Mofo was an AlQueda member so I gave him the benefit of the doubt searched him and nothing, like I said a lot of you like to BLAH BLAH BLAH but you have to put it into action, kinda like practice what you preach!
  4. :ph34r: Bitchin' Moans Complains, I'll start with saying that at first I was meh! I really dont give a ish! but then after I spoke with my brother who export cars for a living, and he expressed his concerns about this thing. I know disagree, it would be like having tigers guarding our meet deposits then again that's my opinion, by the way 75% of my father's business partners are Dubai descendent "loaded mofos and cool as heck, So is my boss and some co-workers I'd like to hear what you guys say about this Disagree or Agree?
  5. True very true! is like that ditty I said a couple of times handling an AT-4 " Blackblast area all secure? " then BOOM! Ha! good 'ol times!
  6. So not true, wake the FuTuPK! I've been in a lot of countries and many ppl will disagree with you, I'll say 50%-50% share similar opinions 'bout this country hatin' / disliking this country, I love my country! yes but that doenst mean that The rest of da world should share my opinion.
  7. Exactly!!!! Now this is sum classy BS. Dude get a grip and lay off the crack or sumthin', ppl like you make me sick! I wish a had you in my night watch in Iraq, dude I'd pbbly tripped you over a land mine. dude our ppl are dying 'cos sum1 is hungry for oil not 'cos some stupid WMD! piss off! politicians hate them all!!!
  8. :D could not stop laughing! my Boss thinks is the best bush joke yet :D