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  1. Nice. Like I mentioned via text. I made a typo and its actually closer to 1ms. Still very good for such a big injector. I ran them briefly in the S70 on normal pump gas (w/ M4.4) you will have to set the minimum injection time to 0 or near 0 to be able to get a normal Idle afr.
  2. Not sure if this is of any interest, but I tested my injectors this past weekend. Tried to figure out the dead time to set in my MegaSquirt settings. The 160lb High Impedance Bosch injectors I have seem to be very linear all the way down to a PW of 0.8ms. If you ever think of upgrading these should still provide a good idle once tuned correctly. The video is for PW of 10 @ 2400RPM for 900 pulses.
  3. I agree that the gap is fine. I would check with Aaron to make sure there is no second bank map for the dwell time. Not sure if the table works with stock values with cop or if it needed to be modified from single coil values. If it does need to be modified for cop then I guess that may prove that there is no second bank map and my comment can be ignored completely.
  4. I just checked my tune on MS and I have it set to 4.5ms (max; cranking is 6.0) dwell and a 2.0ms (max) spark duration. So i doubt now that the dwell setting is your issue. Did you make sure both dwell maps are identical (both banks if that's even the case for these)?
  5. Looks like the documentation on MS was updated and the Dwell for these (recommended for MS) was changed from 4.5ms to 3.5ms. So I need to verify what I have (car is tucked away and my tuning laptop is at the garage). Per the MS documentation these coils also have a protection feature for over-dwell. A dwell figure of 3.5ms is advised for LS2 coils. (was 4.5) Note that some coils have a built-in over-dwell protection feature. If given too much dwell the coil will automatically spark. This can give a dangerous advanced spark. Be sure to strobe your timing at high revs to ensure this is not happening. Set the Spark Output to Going High. This is a picture of the battery correction. It doesn't say what the reference value is suppose to be at but as with many things in MS it should be 13.5V, this seems to be the reference point for most settings. example of the dwell settings in MS:
  6. H, you may want to lower your dwell values a tad. You are close to them, but I would take 10% off (at least in the upper RPMs) and see if it goes away and if it does fine tune it from there. stock dwell tables for these coils:
  7. I'm running them at 4.6ms on my MS setup. They have been working well. H's dwell table looks like it workable is the numbers compare to MS. Not sure what other factors need to be set on the M4.4 vs what MS has built in its calculations (other than battery voltage dwell correction).
  8. First time I have seen that a gear broke on a M56. I assume this happen while in gear not on a force full shift?
  9. I know we talked about this before, but every time I see talks about stuff like this, whether its Rev limiter, launch control, boost cut, they tend to avoid using fuel cut on forced induction applications to limit the chance of a lean condition. I rather have un-burned fuel and advise to do oil changes more often if you think that fuel will make its way down to the oil.
  10. No fuse here. Didn't see a need for it. I like to use thick wire to limit the drop over the length and make sure it supports the cranking amps.
  11. I'm running 0ga in all of my cars. But it's generic wire from flea bay.
  12. These are being used in a lot of builds out there, so there should be plenty of info out there on these. I run 4.5ms before battery correction in MS3x
  13. D585 are supposed to be the best. 1000whp GTO at our shop is running them, upgraded from the LS2 coils I am running.
  14. Time to try some LS2 coils. I had fantastic results with them.