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  1. Not me, I've got 290k on the 98, but I will note it is still the factory motor. It was 200k when I got it in 2013. For better or worse, the mileage here gets spread out among a few cars ...
  2. Summer 95 T5-R sedan. Winter beater is the 96 850 NA wagon. Winter cruiser is the 98 V70. Wife drives the S60R most of the time, year-round.
  3. I picked up a really nice one over on SS.
  4. Eh, picked up a low miles angle gear and collar, gonna just replace it.
  5. Got the prop shaft out the other day, made some clearance back there and get an air hammer bit on a bolt through the rear of the big housing. Popped right out.
  6. What AlvinL said. Two years is about what you get from most remanufactured calipers these days.
  7. I pulled the angle gear and it's bad, input shaft splines stripped. I'm going to run the car FWD for a while. Transmission side of the collar sleeve looks perfect, so does the trans output shaft. So here are my questions: (1) any reason not to re-use this sleeve until I get another angle gear? (2) the collar sleeve came out very easily - it stayed with the AG when I pulled the AG. I can fairly easily slide the collar in and out of the trans side now. I know I got lucky for removal but Is that normal and/or OK for re-using the collar? (3) what's recommended for install of the collar? Options I can think of are (a) put a retainer on the axle like the two hose clamp method (seems fine), or bolt a retainer plate to the trans case, or (b) loctite on the collar splines trans side (how much? what color? use a retainer anyway or no?). If I do the loctite then how difficult will it be to remove it later? (4) still struggling to get the rear of the prop shaft to release on my garage floor. Tomorrow I'm going to try an air hammer on the bolt-through-the-unthreaded-hole-in-the-back.
  8. Angle gear is noisy. Haven't pulled it yet but probably shot, been running FWD for a couple years presumably due to bad collar, and it just got noisy. Let me know if you have/see one, thanks.
  9. It wasn't today, and my car is (always) dirty but, I recently installed a hitch on the S60R. Now I am not stuck using the beater wagon to move the bikes around.
  10. 2018 was the stock market's worst year since 1931. Does Dumpster still get credit? Or are you going to change your story to some other mindless, canned, crap.
  11. Put new struts, mounts and spring seats in the 95 this weekend. Bilstein TC and kept the original R springs.
  12. Factory collar or had you already done work on it?
  13. I was going to say the cabinets are nice but the garage is way too clean.