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  1. Yeap and the problem disappeared I had the cooling pipes with the same routing for years now,never had an issue before.this problem appeared after my last rebuild.So it confused me.you can't imagine how bad was,at idiling after returning back home from work if I would open the expansion tank cap for at least 3 minutes the coolant was boiling.
  2. Update of the situation, I found the problem,finally it was from the turbocharger something,I didn't search it further,it was my last chance before getting in trouble with the engine.I just removed the coolant pipes from the turbo tapped them at the engine side and the symptons mentioned above were disappeared,I have driven around 800-1000 km without problem. It is pretty strange and impossible but this was.in the future maybe I will make a detailed check on the turbo if it will be out of the car. the turbo that I have on is GT3071R.
  3. why is that?it is on the topic title,I've searched a lot things on the car already,my last hope before opening the engine again is here,if someone has any idea. without opening the expansion tank cap,and from inside the car,with switched off engine I can hear noise like air in the system.if I open the cap for at least one minute air bubbles coming out like hell. thanks Kimonas. I will try to upload a link,there is a video.
  4. Hello guys,it’s been a long time....I hope everyone is fine here. I noticed after my last engine rebuild that the coolant is probably boiling,I changed the engine block because mine was destroyed,this was the main part that was replaced.after the first symptoms I thought compression was in the coolant but no coolant missing,no overheating,no coolant in the oil.but the block was checked from me and from the machine shop,the machine shop installed firerings around the cylinders and he closed the gaps at the top of the cylinders where is a weak point of these blocks.any thoughts?I know that I miss something and can’t find the problem.or could it be from the block something? thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys, it's been a long time since I was on board.I wish you Happy New Year,be healthy,give love to people and all the best wishes for your families and all the people.
  6. my head is a very dark place....

  7. It's really hot here!!!!!

  8. my volvo is a totally crap!!!!!!! f@#k

  9. volvo is having a hard time.........


  11. They have little clearance but they are ok I think,the normal 996 calipers are these that many shops sell for us as a kit or is it something else?
  12. Is there any kit,that will fit on PEGASUS replicas,without spacers?Because the wheels are already too much outside.
  13. I must have missed this topic a lot....in the previous pages I saw the red 850 with GT3071 on,now here I see a red 850 with a supercharger!!!!
  14. OK,thanks,will you go for a dyno run after everyhting will be finished?