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  1. Hi Johann, You may find these interesting since you are thinking about the 2.3 swap. Ford Escape 2.3(No VVT) on a Focus MKII Mazda6 2.3 (With VVT) also on a Focus MKII And 2.3 with Turbo. on a Focus MKII You can try google language tool for translation from Chinese (Traditional).
  2. I dynoed my 2.4LPT right after RICA stage 1 tune. With 1 bar boost it was 217 whp on 4 wheel dyno. Waiting for the new 19T to arrive, and we'll see what the 2.4LPT can handle. :)
  3. Mike, Is it possible for you to source another complete set of these puppies? Thx, Ben
  4. ifnt420

    Volvo XC70

    Volvo XC70
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    Volvo XC70