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  1. This stupid thing doesn't really matter it's just delaying an inevitable crash of wall street. This is going to make the "Panic of 1907", and "The Great Depression" of 1929-41 both look like dinner parties. Look into: Michael C. Ruppert Specifically at : or in his book titled "Crossing the Rubicon : The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" The book covers so much information, it was written in 2004 and shockingly predicted that A.I.G., Fannie, and Freddie Mac, would go under and for more shocking reasons then we hear on the corporate sponsored news. He's an excellent writer, and he has written what is hands down the most deeply researched book on 9/11 and the corrupt government scandals that have plagued the country and continue to deepen our debt, and further demolish citizens rights in the name of "terror". He also gave numerous lectures at colleges around the nation. Two of which can be found on YouTube in separate increments. The man is incredible and certainly deserves more recognition then he'll probably ever get, and is definitely worth at least a look for anyone who is at least slightly concerned that America "The Land of the Free" may be not be just that anymore.
  2. raced a civic with a rediculous spoiler on it. didn't even break half throttle.
  3. What's up dudeman?! Just went through that old thread about the GTG at your shop, between that and looking at a couple of your threads I made a list with over 10 people that are interested. Come up with a date your good with and I'll start a new thread with the new info!

  4. This Week The Bad My bank account is near empty My bike has a flat tire I'm running my car on about a shot glass worth of gasoline I am in the middle of failing a Statistics Exam The Good 19T + downpipe should arrive by the end of next week Got a B on my Spanish Exam Got a check to cash from work Got a new mattress Lost another three pounds (for a total of -48lbs) Theres going to be a crazy party at my friends house all weekend The weather is supposed to be good all weekend At least the good outweighs the bad this week
  5. S60R = 212 hp at the wheels stock
  6. UDDERLY hahaha cheap joke! why did no one pick up on that hahahahaha very funny tho
  7. Sorry to point out but word editor PwneD J00, that time. And I think it is hysterical that the seniors had a shocker picture That is monkeyin' great. I don't need four years after highschool to realize the world doesnt give a stuff whether I am dead in a gutter. I am a senior in high school, and I realize that I mean essentially nothing in the world. I don't care much about it either. But I still think that I should be able to wear whatever shirt I want in school so long as it's not offensive. They have no right to tell me I can't wear a shirt that is not offensive, and they had no right to tell that teacher to withdraw his business from you. He should be as mad as you guys. Finally a voice of reason. Fight the good fight man, just don't do anything too stupid. Don't make news headlines, doesn't look good to colleges.
  8. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND photoshopping by yours truly, putting off environmental science homework. thanks for the inspiration guys