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  1. Alex ran the Upsolute program for the LPT. But they could never get the fuel cut to turn off. Dropped in a T5 ECU and all was well. But yes, I think the tune was bad.
  2. Sorry - I meant that with the higher CR and a little too much boost (well, more the inaccurate tuning) his block didn't last too long.
  3. Yeah, what he said. I rode in a 97 lpt with 16t, DP (3" IIRC) and an IPD ECU. It was notably quicker than my 855 turbo... Even with the 17PSI ST chip. However, that block didn't last very long... so use caution. I would think a T5 or R ECU would be ideal with a 15g/16t.
  4. Do you think an 'undocumented worker' would still do X job for 50 bucks if he knew 35% of it was going to Uncle Sam? Me either. <_<
  5. Thanks! I'm a big fan of the Olive Green T5R wagons too... The rarest of the rare in the US, no? My wife gave me a gift last night... No you dirty boys, not THAT kind of gift... She's been driving the 745 and we met for dinner - I got there first. My 'gift' was seeing my car drive up. Great stance, the wheels tuck in nicely, and it sounded good. Not bragging, I didn't build it - just rescued it, fixed it, and cleaned it up. :D
  6. So Starbucks doesn't jack the prices in 'high-rent' areas like McDonalds does? I know the airport locations of most chains are usually higher - but I've never been in a Starbucks... EVER!
  7. Now that's just sad... Big Oil has got us thinking that 2.59 is cheap. In Columbia - a self-sustaining oil country - they pay $0.16 per gallon. Venezuela? $0.70 Of course the average income is rediculously low... IIRC Columbia was ~5k a year.
  8. $2.59 for the cheap stuff in GA this AM... Add $0.20 for the 93. This was at a BP, RaceTrac and a QT - and my tank was already full. <_<
  9. Sounds like: 1) they are trying to drum up new lawsuit material. 2) the soldiers need to lower their aim slightly for the 21-gun salute.
  10. You forget - he WANTED to die... Can't be a very good martyr if you're still alive, can ya? He's getting the worst thing we can give him - life in solitary confinement w/out possibility of parole. Twist MF'er, twist.
  11. ONLY ~20 GRAND???? You wouldn't get 20 of us honkey-gringo mofos to band together and skip work/pay for much of any reason. :P
  12. Yes, but we 'legals' also pay taxes on goods and services... Plus the 35% of our paychecks that come right off the top. Maybe this will lead to the downfall of the IRS in America. They'll collect more money overall if they just charge a higher Sales Tax in place of Income Tax?
  13. Face is cute - she looks a little thick (which is a GOOOD thing to me) but it's hard to tell from just the face shot. Where are the rest of the pics? :P
  14. Wow! Did you type that Oingo Boingo song from memory - while drunk? Color me impressed.
  15. Acceptable?!?!? Just wait til you're in your lower 30s... it's all you can think about. I'm a baaaaad :monkey: