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  1. Living the dream

  2. Yah It's an ugly piece of stuff that leaks and don't fit worth a damn!!!!!!! I own a VOLVO Not a freakin piece of crap If you want to be cheap drive a KIA!!!!!!!!! Bert
  3. Guy's like you are why the Local Speed shop's have gone breast up. " Hey I have a freind that has an account and I can get you a killer deal" Easy for you, no overhead just a "Great Deal" BTW Tell us all where to get the $400.00 or so DP that's Tig welded fits like a glove and has a no I'm dumb warranty and Im sure Scott, Frank, Don and George will all place sizeable orders! Bert
  4. Get back to work and make me my Downpipe! Bert
  5. I'm sure a few 's on VS have spent more than 3K and still didn't get the #'s this kit offers! Give Scott and his crew a break, after all they started the whole Hot Rod Volvo thing. Bert
  6. When I installed my rear kit I used the stock caliper mounting bolts with no issues. It sounds like your parking brake shoe retainer springs need replaced, the pbrake drum on the S60-R is identical to the one that came on your car. If you want I can photograph my backing plates and email the pic's to you. Bert
  7. Actually it's not the same, both the Volvo and Brembo calipers use a reverse taper fitting however the Volvo hose will thread in and seal if tightened enough. The stock hose is strained if the suspension is fully extended and the wheel is at full lock. The proper hose should have a 10 MM Banjo fitting with a 45' angle and needs to be two inches longer. Bert
  8. I'd be down for one as long as it's finished and ready to bolt on. Bert
  9. Keep in mind guy's What ever the #'s are their all from the same dyno. We may not have the biggest #'s however, they won't be the smallest. With the 19-T, angled 3" SS Downpipe and the Civinco installed I should be able to put down some decent numbers. Bert
  10. The fluffer damper came off the flapper valve I'm thinking the feed line has a restriction, i'm having a new one made. Bert
  11. Boy's boy's boy's Pras I'll pay for one tank of gas AND your Dyno fee's AND repair whatever go's BOOM just to see you here so you and Carson can kiss and make up Carson Don't be so testy, if he show's up and runs on the magical dyno he'll be just as full of stuff as we are One more thing If Carson keeps showing up @ my shop and absorb's half of what he see's, he's going to be a great tech Bert
  12. The 3K24 will work just fine as long as it get's some oil BK
  13. Brian Find yourself a blowoff valve cuz when i'm done with this thing it won't have a CBV. Oil starvation killed it fo sho, when I got it it was tighter than a cows ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD at fly time The turbo came from Scott @ IPD along with the R manifold thats on my car. B K