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  1. just about every kid wants to grow up and be a cop. so if we allow that type of behavior anymore lieniency from the people who"protect and serve" then our kids will be looking up to killers. and thats no way to raise someone.
  2. cops, yes cops, and the others too. cops are people, if they perform these acts they should be treated no different. enforced more thoroughly even.
  3. im not talking about people with blonde hair or different colored skin, im talking about the people that killed someones brother or son. or the people who raped someones wife or daughter.
  4. but if we could remove the WORST individuals then wouldnt it make us an even better country?
  5. why would they be, any person who would commit these acts probably come from a very bad place so a warm cell with food probably isnt to bad. plus theyll just get out after a little while anyway.
  6. i think they should enforce the death penalty more often for convicted murderers, sexual abuse crimes. theres enough people in the world anyway. the last thing we need is killers and rapists on the street while were trying to get by and raise families and stuff.